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    This is the shell of a map I'm working on. A large figure 8 that will (eventually) have trams running through it (and, hopefully, running over people as well ).

    Download here:

    It's in an extremely rough state; no textures and no decorations. Basically, it's BSP and lights (so you can see what's happening), as well as the two flags and a manta next to each flag (so you can zip around and see the level).

    I wouldn't post here in such a rough state, but I need some ideas from people. I think the paths are a bit limited, and I'd appreciate some suggestions on where I should add additional paths.

    Other than that, I hope you like the look of it. It's a lot of fun making something this complex, and I'm looking forward to getting it into a playable state


    OK, here's a screenshot. Note: this map is not yet playable in game.

    Could you post up a few screenshots also. Screenshots is a sure way to get your map tested more.


      Screenshots=ppl considering downloading.


        Needs pics dude! I wont consider downloading any maps unless there are some screenies!


          OK, I added a screenshot.


            Hmmm to be honest, it does seem like it needs quite a bit of work, you must remember that if your going to have manta that can crush a flag carrier any second, that flag carrier is going to need to be able to defend himself. Whilst you can put in weapons for such a thing, the fact that there is only one direction to come at the flag from also makes things pretty camper happy, more so as they can use anything a flag carrier can use against a manta... the flags needs alternative and shorter routes, I mean that is going to take longer then Corruption to actually cap a flag on with it being even more biased against anyone actually trying to cap a flag.

            I do like the design of it, but I just think you need like say an inner circle on both of the circles so a flag carrier can use alternative and shorter routes then you currently. It would be a problem that if you destoryed a manta at the flag and toke the flag straight away, that same manta could probably be used to kill you as it'd respawn with in like 30 seconds and it takes about a minute to actually cap a flag... personally I'd be tempted to place two inner circle on both sides, one that likes middle to middle around the rooms and then one that sits just on the inner edge of each room kinda thing... but with enough cover you can not actually see in to two rooms at the same time.

            One thing I might suggest once you are done, is that with a map like this, I can see the oppotunity to really get some great lightning set up, say like some purple tube lightning set around about 3/4ths up the wall on the outer edge of the two rings against say a dark mesh I think would give it an interesting and cool look once you are done. Make it feel like a subway but give it a kinda cool and bit of a futurist feel perhaps at the same time. Then to finish, put in some tracks so it looks like the entire thing is a subway, perhaps =P...


              Thanks for your comments. Yeah, I was worried about being forced through such narrow routes... I was considering making the corridors wider to make it easier to dodge, but instead I'll probably go with "inner rooms", where vehicles won't fit.


                Why even show this?

                Why do some people show stuff that is so insanely pre-alpha?

                I can make this in an hour if i wanted to.

                Please work on it before you post it.

                This forum is for beta releases.


                  Friendlyman, since you'd rather not read my original post, I'll repeat the most important part:

                  "but I need some ideas from people. I think the paths are a bit limited, and I'd appreciate some suggestions on where I should add additional paths."

                  I know it's not textured; I know it's not decorated; I know it's in an insanely pre-alpha state. I'm not worried about that. What I AM worried about is the actual design of the level; why bother spending several days finishing a map that, in the end, isn't fun? Why not fix it first, and then all of the polish will just be icing on the already ridiculously fun cake?