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Satellite Orb v1 [PC][Pics][Beta] Remember Forgotten Worlds? :)

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  • #16
    I would like to see a PS3 version too, captain smurf always makes the neatist maps and weapons.


    • #17
      what happens when you get into vehicles, do the orbs vanish or follow you???


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        Originally posted by TheDragonzord View Post
        the orbs appear and shoot stuff, but its not link gun fire etc....The three orbs shoot just small little PS3 version I cooked...

        Q: what happens when you get into vehicles, do the orbs vanish or follow you???
        A: On a hoverboard they disappear....haven't tested it throughly the PS3 version


        • #19
          I uploaded your PS3 version to my filefront page. Thanks euchreplayer23! You rock!

          When you get into a vehicle, the orbs vanish completely, this includes the hoverboard which is also technically a vehicle. I wanted the orbs to stay but I haven't figured that part out yet

          I haven't worked on the mutator since it was released but I haven't given up on it. I've just been busy learning the editor


          • #20
            So the PS3 version works? Im pretty sure with the right tweaking, it would be able to fire correctly if it "Partially" works. Keep going at it!


            • #21
              captain snarf ur link is dead just sends to filefront


              • #22
                Originally posted by chilau1 View Post
                captain snarf ur link is dead just sends to filefront
                Honestly, you are a complete idiot. You make another major bump, and the link isn't even dead. It goes to his profile page. Where you can download all his files.


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                  And while this topic is bumped, I'll say one thing...

                  YAY FOR OPTIONS (or multiples if you prefer that). I was a big fan of Gradius, and would like to see this be developed more. : )


                  • #24
                    I'd like to give this a go, however the link is dead.
                    Does anybody still have this?


                    • #25
                      + 1 for me. Somebody could redo a valid link please.


                      • #26
                        I contacted CaptainSnarf and he answered me this:

                        That thing disappeared from the net a few years ago when filefront went down. It's no longer available in a cooked form, however I believe it still exists in the source, but you'd have to cook it yourself to use it.

                        Source is here:


                        Here are files source of the mutator Satellite Orb v1 :

                        But I do not possess the knowledge to be able to used it. Please, if somebody has knowledge to make functional these files source, you can help us...


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                          Up !