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    Map name: DM-Pure
    Author: Brits_Hit


    Description: In light of the HOLP (Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly) map pack being released, I decided to try my hand at a UT3 map in the same vein. When I first started it was more of an effort to re-familiarize myself with Unreal ED, since I hadn't used the new editor before this map.
    Once I started making the map though, I came up with a pretty cool idea for the layout and after playing I found it was a helluva lot of fun

    Basically, the map is called DM-Pure because it's purely about gameplay. The first time I tested it with bots I had a blast and I hope you guys have fun too.
    If you're feeling badass, try throwing in 11 skilled bots and see how you do

    The map is solely comprised of custom textures. They're not the greatest, but I didn't spend all that long on them.

    Estimated creation time for the map was roughly 3 days

    Regarding a PS3 cook, it'll no doubt be done by me or some volunteering individual once the map goes final, so please do not ask for a PS3 cook during the beta phase. Thanks.


    -map is not fully published/cooked.. for some reason UED doesnt want to do it properly. I can't be ***** to fix that right now,I'd rather figure it out later and get my map on the net for testing first (it runs fine, even if it isn't published)

    -music is not final, it's just a placeholder

    -bots do not use the 4 gravity volumes on the edges of the map (might be fixed, next version)

    -the lighting from the spotlight through the net is improvised and very preliminary (ie. it looks ****). I'll be changing that in the next version

    -One of the jump pads sends you in a strange direction if u hit it at a certain angle. Reason: unknown

    -the net in the last pic is sort of suspended in mid air. I didn't notice until I took the screenshot. Will be fixed in next version

    -some of the BSP isn't exactly built properly. This is due to my lack of polish with the editor. Future maps won't have such problems (probably because they won't have any BSP :P)

    Those are all the bugs I've encountered, hopefully you guys can find some more (if there are indeed any).

    Any input and criticism is welcome.

    BTW, as for the the invisibility power-up in the center of the map, that is up for debate whether it should be a different power-up or not. I'm thinking maybe a slo-mo trap instead.

    Again, comment away, I'd love to know what you guys think!


    PS. Any comments along the lines of "OMGZ low poly???@? this is UT3 not UT1 lolzors!11!" you can keep to your asshat self. The reason why it's low poly is explained above.


    Reminds me of Zelda for some reason. Looks cool though. I will wait for a PS3 version then.


      Originally posted by Erp View Post
      Reminds me of Zelda for some reason. Looks cool though. I will wait for a PS3 version then.
      same lol, ill download this and give feedback.


        ^Thanks guys.

        This map is getting seemingly overlooked by most, though. Not sure why...

        Could I maybe get some feedback on it??


          just by the looks of it, it really looks nice to play