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    Updated: New screenshots, and updated file download to current beta 2

    1. Name: CTF-Loading Bay
    2. Version: Beta 1
    3. Compatibility: UT3, 1.1 patch
    4. Description: A Warehouse turned into a fighting ground
    5. Comments: This map is small and it's my first. I tried to tie everything together as far as layout and pathing. Any other details, please share.
    6. Screenshots:

    7. Credits: Myself, Epic
    8. Homepage:
    9. Download:

    Walls are a bit too bland, needs stuff too them.


      Hey Guys,
      I took your advice Mr, and added some stuff to the walls. I added some lights and tried to tighten some things up. The next beta is ready if you guys wanna give me some advice. I would ask if a mapper would take a look at the map and tell me what I did wrong as far as adding the screenshot texture to the load up screen. Thanks for any help!
      Here's the d/l


        Bump! Anyone care to take a look at the map and tell me what ya think? I thought with the extra time I took to look at other's maps and try to help, karma would repay the favor...


          Originally posted by Mr.UglyPants View Post
          Walls are a bit too bland, needs stuff too them.

          ~Death Dream~


            I'll have a look at the map

            Concerning the screenshot, I found Hourences' tutorial on this really handy, followed it by the word mostly - you had a look at it?

            Mmmh, Karma...


              Looked good though, as the others said, maybe add some more stuff on the walls, inside the containers etc.

              Also I think it would be nice if it was possible to use the stacks of smaller crates to get onto the 3 big ones in the middle room and get the RL, instead of having to go up on the bridge


                Did you guys d/l from the link on my response? I put up all kinds of pipes and air ducts. If you did d/l the update, let me know. I thought it was enough, especially considering the fact that it is a warehouse. Four eyes, you're right, I should put those crates in front of the RL. Very creative. Thanks for the input guys!


                  Can you upload some new screenshots?


                    looks very nice .

                    i rekon however it needs slightly better lighting to "set the atmosphere", as at the moment it seems kind of bright and ambient.

                    a suggestion to fix this:

                    have lights placed directly under your lighting fixtures, and edit their properties until you are happy with them. its always good to have a few dark areas and some shadows, it puts a sinister, empty derilect atmosphere in the arena .

                    hope this helps, and good luck with your future maps

                    EDIT: the reason for having the lights directly around any lighting fixtures is to give the illusion that light is in fact being emitted from the fixture itself, giving a more realistic environment


                      Thanks alot guys. I updated my original post, Mr. to show the new shots. Green Day, I did put all the lights around the light fixtures, but I suppose my ambient lights are set too high. I'll dim 'em down. I will also move those crates around. Again, thanks guys. If no one critiques, no one knows what they did wrong.


                        glad you value my suggestions Saiya-jin .

                        this is a map with a lot of potential, so good luck continuing it.

                        i will be looking forward to the full version... the trick is, keep working until you're 100% happy with it, and there is nothing more you can do to improve it