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VCTF-Miner [Alpha 1][Download][Screenshots]

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    VCTF-Miner [Alpha 1][Download][Screenshots]

    Name: VCTF-Miner
    Version: Alpha 1
    Description: Relatively small, mostly symmetric VCTF map in which the flag bases are located in huge holes in the ground. A large tunnel connects the two sides for the vehicles, but on foot there are also many small passages to explore.

    Vehicles: 2 Scorpions, 1 Raptor, 1 Hellbender, 1 Manta for each team and 1 neutral Goliath
    Players: 10 to 14

    PC Download:;9479876
    No PS3 version for now, because it's an alpha and I don't own a PS3


    This is my very first map for UT3 I intend to publish, so I need some hints on what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. Constructive criticism is very welcome, but please respect that for this Alpha release I didn't polish the graphics at all. I know that there are many floating rocks, naked BSP walls, missing lighting etc. but what I need is advice on the layout, item placement, gameplay ...

    Bot support is there so you can test it offline, however the bots are more or less dumb (see the known issues).

    Known issues:
    - The bots don't get how to escape quickly from the enemy mine. They often run around without a plan.
    - The bots can't use the jumppads in the center of the mine correctly. Some steering is neccessary to fly through the small hole, but they don't do that. I'll make the hole bigger in further releases.
    - The Slow volumes that are easy to grab and to place on the own flag could ruin the gameplay online - but the bots are too dumb for that.

    Have fun!

    Do those of you who downloaded it have any opinion on it? I really want to know how you like it, as it's my first map for an FPS and I need to know if I should continue with it or start out again with a new layout ... thanks in advance!


      We are running it on VCTF Hedsteem server, I just created a topic for it on our forums, come join'em if you wana see the feedback.


        lol the guy aint active no more last activity was 7 months ago


          lol map. I think it is very nice