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DM-Vortex Rikers, Work in progress (Pics) (No download)

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    DM-Vortex Rikers, Work in progress (Pics) (No download)

    Well, im working in a massvie project. Im doing a remake of unreal 1...

    By now im remaking the maps and use them as DM Maps, ill show you one pic of the project.



    Do you like it?

    I got much work to do....

    I hope you like it.


    Updated with more pics of the finished prisioners room

    EDIT 2!

    Ok, fixed the problem with the lighs, add postprocess and darker style.

    Hmmm, sick. I like the conversion. Well if it's something you really want to do, then go for it! Enjoy remaking this map, and I'm sure it'll come out being a perfect map! Good luck on this project.


      Well, not even the part shown in the image is finished. It need more postprocess and volumetrics and effects, and emitters etc etc. Anyway, thanks!


        Hey, you said you're working on a massive project. I guess if this map means something to you, it already shows promise. So yeah man, I'll keep a watch on how far you progress alright?


          I loved Unreal, this looks promising so far.


            A remake of Unreal with this engine OMGZ
            That's so cool, dude.
            Are you also remaking the monsters ? I would see the Titans and Nalis again in a brand new look ^^.
            I'm looking forward for this project.


              Thanks a lot!

              Im not good at 3dmax, so i cannot do the monster nor the nalis, skaarjs, titans, mercenaries, brutes, cows, etc etc. So im looking for someone who could do the monster models.

              Anyway, i need to know how to add bots and enemies in the level, like in the unrealed 1 (very simple, add the monster, properties, select the ai, and all ready)

              I hope someone could explain me how to do that...


                there was a project for ut2k4 like this, sadly they didnt come far, nyleve falls was the last they did, i hope this wont fail at all :P


                  With your support, ill do it!


                    Hell yeah, that's the spirit! Kick some ***! Take it out on the map! XD


                      Updated with more pics of the finished Prisioner room Hell Yeah F*** you all!!! xD lol


                        Well, honestly, I like the original better.

                        UT3 has awesome light capabilities and I don't see you using them at all. The map currently is way too bright. You should compare the pictures again. You need more colors.

                        Also, I think the ceiling is covered with red-brownish pipes. In your pic it looks like you thought they were lights, but where is the point in hanging lights over lights? I would have used some rusty static scaled down pipe meshes.

                        Sorry, just trying to help you, but I think there's still enough room for improvement.
                        I'm not saying I can do it better, I just want to see you reach Epic class

                        Peace & good luck!


                          hmmmm it hink ur right, i didnt noice the red-brownish pipes in the ceiling xD.

                          Im fixing it, suplmenting with pipes from an hu_deco package.

                          But i think its dark enough, but ur right, it need more colors, in the lower supports lights...

                          Thanks for the advices!!! Fixing it!


                            Oooooook, updated, new pics, dixed the "problem" with the ceiling lights, darker room and so on.

                            And sorry, but i want to keep the grey, tetric style, after all, its my remake ^^.

                            Anyway, all of you could say if i recover the colours or if I keep the grey style.


                              To dark, you've made it look like Deck now, look for more resources in UEd that may fit better.