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DM-Cryostasis: Map testers wanted.

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    Originally posted by chickenthr33 View Post
    Don't need any of that stuff, just make the map play well.
    That is one opinion which is fine for you, but for the most part people who have been playing UT for a long time know that visuals help add to the immersion and if made well do not impair gameplay at all. You can have both as many many level creators have shown (Downpour, Shrine, NightintheparkXL, Krodan, not to mention Twisted face Ultra, VCTF-Atlas City, YardSE, CD Yard, Liandri, etc, etc, etc). If you want your map to see more play time you will balance both the visual aspects and gameplay aspects of your level.

    Hey weren't you already banned? And now you are back under a new name ... you better be careful, if someone says something you'll be banned again.


      Update: New Additions as follow: Damage Amplifier has been moved into a purple room, planned Death Fan added in bio-rifle room, Overall Detail of the map has been updated. Map had one nuisance: Central Room JumpPad, but I fixed it. Detail is for the most part incomplete; however, the map itself is generally complete.