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UT3RPG WIP [Redone] [Version: 0.01 Alpha] [Screenshots]

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    any progress already?


      Originally posted by yannickgd View Post
      any progress already?
      Sorry, haven't had time atm to do any more on the RPG Mod. I have finally restored my computer from a near fatal crash and recovered most of my data so I don't have to start from scratch when I return to work on this mod. On top restoring my computer I am also real busy with my work for my job and trying to meet deadlines. I should be starting work on this mod again soon. I will be probably redoing most of it again as I have learned even more about UScript. I will try and keep you posted.



        (maybe sombody have a new idea)


          Skill idea :
          Aura (can active or deactive same as Diablo paladin aura)
          - increase gravity aura : jump lower, action cost more stamina (if u code action need stamina
          - decrease gravity : jump higher
          - Magnetic field : magnet attract iron

          Weapon :
          - fan knife ( Dota - Spectre skill )
          - spectral dagger
          - Fire skill : fire wall, fire field, rain of fire (all Diablo fire skill), fire spread when u stick oil
          - Ice skill : ice wall (block path, breakable), ice field (smooth ground), snow field (like u walk in snow, sink ground), freeze breath
          - anti rocket gun : a gun fire a small fishing net to anti rocket
          - transparent skill :
          - anti transparent skill : temperature detect device


            Theres already a ut3 rpg anyway.



              this reminds me of world of warcraft. Nice job