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DM-Castle_02 Vehicle Deathmatch [Beta] [PC & PS3] [Updated]

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    DM-Castle_02 Vehicle Deathmatch [Beta] [PC & PS3] [Updated]


    It's a Castle surrounded by open land with vehicles.

    This is my second Vehicle Deathmatch map. I hope you like it.
    Some issues I'm facing with it include:

    - My lighting does not work in the game, only in the editor
    - I plan to add a lot more detail and obstacles
    - I did not design the sky or water, I hope to make my own soon
    - Bots tend to pass up some of the vehicles in deathmatch, but they work fine in team deathmatch... curious.

    Please send me your feedback...

    Download PC Version:

    Download PS3 Version:

    awesome map!!!!

    Pros: Fun as hell!!!
    Tons of vehicles

    Vehicles shoot black projectiles for some reason.
    Some Textures are kinda bland like the sand.
    And player can walk out of the map into water and get stuck.

    Suggestions:Put a darkwalker!!!
    And make the castle bigger.

    But all those are constructive criticisms. Awesome map!!! And thanks alot for posting it!!!

    Oh yeah, and i tested the ps3 version



      The PS3 version works? That's amazing. I'm very happy to hear that.

      For the PC users out there, I found out how to get the lighting to work. You have to change one line in the UTEngine.ini file located in MyGames/Untreal Tournament 3/Config/


      AllowShadowVolumes needs to be set to "true"

      This allows the maps sunlight to cast shadows.


        Thanks, this is an awesome map and works great on PS3 (apart from the aforementioned black block projectiles) - it's really, really fun, but imo you should make the castle larger, and interconnect it with the ruined towers on the outskirts of the castle with tunnels running under the level, as there isn't much escape if you spawn on foot, with no vehicles nearby, and pinned down by those turrets.

        Awesome map, and thank you for cooking it for PS3


          thx for the awesome map!


            Originally posted by D4rkW4rr10r View Post
            thx for the awesome map!
            I couldn't have done it without your PS3 cooking tutorial...

            Any idea how I can get the lighting to work without having to change the engine settings?

            Also, when I designed the map, I had the Uberboard in mind, I'm not sure if there's a PS3 version yet...


            have fun...


              The uberboard mutator is available to the ps3 already and does work.
              I will try out your map soon, once i get home in a few hours.


                Update Available: