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    CTF-Wreckage BETA

    CTF-Wreckage BETA

    Author: Ghley
    Website URL: ||
    Release Date: 16.01.2008
    Version: 0.9b

    [nRL]Ghley - Mapping, Map Design, Testing, Description
    [nRL]Meisterbrau - Testing, Map Design, Description
    [nRL]Slacker - Testing, Map Design
    and Epic of course

    200 years ago two Axon research cargo ships collided and lost several containers full of antimatter plasm. Needless to say that this highly valuable but just as deadly treasure attracted soldiers of fortune of any kind to get their own piece. Greed took it’s toll and hundreds of mercenaries lost their lives in a series of thermonuclear explosions. The wreckage was abandoned and forgotten until some punks found the site, installed some antigravity-pads and turned it into a ludicrous playground…

    It's as deadly as it sounds, the jumppads have a 0.5 aircontrol (default: 0.05) which gives you more freedom to fly wherever you want to, but be carefull to not fall to your death.

    The map is in its final stages, but every kind of criticism is welcome but we are particularly interested in weapon placement, gameflow and bot behaviour (suiciding bots)
    We know that it's hard to not fall down, but with a little bit of practice it shouldn't be a problem.

    NO PS3 Cook yet



    this map looks insane!


      Dude! that is some insane setup u have...takes some gettin use to but can be first, frustrating because u really need to learn air control for this one.
      Will add to our TsT server by the weekend and see what the team thinks.

      Walking on an angle messes me up to some degree lol


        thx raptor =)

        hehe well yeah it took us quite a while to get the containers and jumppads the way we wanted it, we may release a video with some "tricks" we worked out, because it's really hard to actually see the potential of this map just by trying it for 10 minutes, we tested this map for hours i guess =)

        and thanks for actually playing the map =)



          Your map = sex lol.


            Hahaha, awesome concept. I'll try this one out for sure.


              Why "no ps3 cook"?


                Nice concept, I cannot test it yet (i am at work) but if i have some time i will try it. I imagine creating bot support for this was nightmare.


                Originally posted by Metalpain View Post
                Why "no ps3 cook"?
                Maybe because:

                - this is only beta

                - all those "PS3 cook" requests are making some mappers a bit annoyed by now.

                - more platforms = more trouble with possible mistakes

                - if mapper does not have PS3, he/she will most probably never cook beta map for PS3, but instead wait for final release, and cook it then.

                You want help situation, i have a suggestion:
                get this map, cook it self for PS3, betatest and post feedback here. But remember you not allowed to distribute that cooked ps3 version. And do not reply that you do not have PC, your request basically means for mapper: "buy PS3, so you can cook and test maps for my box"


                  Originally posted by Nawrot View Post
                  And do not reply that you do not have PC, your request basically means for mapper: "buy PS3, so you can cook and test maps for my box"
                  I just had to laugh at this...
                  I did't cook at all for my beta of ThornsUT3...only in final did i cook for PS3 and i don't even own one :P
                  When i create my original map, i doubt i will release for PS3.

                  I played this for awhile again today...**** air control is not as easy as it seems lol but it is lots of fun!


                    Imma try this map right now, feels quite disturbing!


                      This is probably one of the best concepts for a map I've ever seen. Kudos.


                        well in feedbacks, what i can say is some jump-pads still need to be adjusted, and the mass of burning blob-flames near the flags, there's a jump-pad going in it X_X.

                        there are some kind of strange jump-pads hanging in the space way off the main game field.


                          Ok - I love the idea, but there are some problems for me with this map.

                          1 - I get lost a lot
                          2 - I fall a lot
                          3 - Sometimes when i want to jump in the teleporter near the flag - i fall again
                          4 - Bots do stupid things - walk back and forth near the flag (i've set bots to average IQ )
                          5 - When i use the jumppads i get ejected into space sometimes because I don't know where it is pushing me and i steer the wrong way.

                          My suggestions? Maybe add a little more or bigger boxes so the path from 1 to another flag is more clear and flagruns can be better executed.
                          Maybe create more clarity by using blue and red boxes with arrrows in some kind of logo? So i can find my way.

                          A lot of my mishaps is because of the fact that I'm not a godlike skilled player I guess ... but it is annoying for me and so will it be for others...

                          Good stuff.
                          - Very nice theme - wonder what you can do more with this
                          - Weapon placement seems good. Never have problems getting a gun.


                            first of all thx for trying the map

                            @Xzodus my map = sex? =) how should i interpret this?

                            @Mastame, hehe well you should see the previous versions, only some few pads floating in space =) the map kind of grew with every new input by my clan mates

                            @ metalpain, nawrot and jelloh: no ps3 cook because i never really cared to look at how to actually cook for ps3, and yes for a PC only person it's hard to test the maps, i will cook the final version for sure, but i donnu if this map is anything for the ps3, i mean you need a lot of control and with the basic ps3 controller I dont think you can provide this kind of control =) anyway, final version will have a ps3 cook, i'm looking into the ps3 mod files and figure a way out

                            @Ignotium, well it IS disturbing at first, but lots of fun afterwards =)

                            @flootsKy, thanks a lot from me and my clan mates!

                            @RaptorZX3, which jump pad is going threw the "blob" =) the jumppads are adjusted for walking over them, not landing on them, the jumppad ist a cylinder and reacts when you hit that cylinder, so hitting a jumppad on top of it may throw you of course

                            @Stranger_NL, I'm going to add some arrow textures to the map so you don't get lost that fast , and maybe even a way to show where the jumppads head, but to create for EVERY jumppad a directional emitter is going to cost a lot of time, which i don't have at this moment (and nerves)

                            a good way to know where jumppad are throwing you to, is just to step on one and leave the movement keys alone, you will fly the programmed path and should land safely

                            I'm still recording some jumps, i hope i can release a small movie next week on monday

                            thanks again for the input, i sure have to work on bots behaviour and some arrows to lead your way



                              i always move in the air when i use a jump pad, to be sure that i'll reach the other end.

                              the jump pad going in the blob is in front of each flag, there's one going into it, i never tried the map alone yet, so i don't know if the pad(s) is/are made so you have to stay still while in the air.

                              for the pads hanging in space, i'll just have to look around the map (freelook mode before playing it)