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    DM-Skydeck-BetaVersion.1 info

    General Info:

    Title: DM-Skydeck-BetaVersion.1
    Author: /CPH\
    Version: Beta v.1
    Credits: /CPH\, Imageshack and Epic Games

    Play Info:

    Single Player :Bots
    Music: No (still considering if it should be included)
    Sounds: Yes
    Static Meshes and Models: Yes
    Known Bugs:
    -Some Floating Pads
    -Jumppad inside Glass Skydeck sometimes doesnt make full jump
    -Some Texturing and Detail Isues
    -Some Lighting Problems
    -Some Bot Pathing Problems
    -Bots sometimes have a habit of flying off (the edge of the map) in the Cicada (which is a pain in the *** if you are playing a Elimination match)
    Any other bugs plz let me know. (all current bugs should be fixed up by next updated release)

    Construction Time: No idea
    Recommended Players: As much as you want. (I prefer 15 myself)
    Editor Used: UnrealED
    Next updated release: 20 Jan (at the latest)

    This is my second mod for UT3 and fps in general (my first was a basic one to get used to UnrealED). Constructive critism or praise would be happily accepted.

    Unzip DM-Skydeck-BetaVersion.1.Zip
    Move all files (except readme) into \My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps
    If the CustomMaps directory aint there then manually create it.
    Select level in Ut3 under instant action or multiplayer.

    P.S Any feedback on improving this mod shall be greatly appreciated. (You'll be put into my next credits if you want). Im also wondering whether the map is to small or not (so if u think it is, tell me and ill enlarge it).
    Download link: (Updated version)
    Screenshots: (click to enlarge)

    UPDATE: The updated (all known bugs adressed) beta version 2 IS AVALIABLE NOW!!!

    Post screenshots... no one wants to download them....


      Originally posted by optic_freeze View Post
      Post screenshots... no one wants to download them....

      nano black sustains me


        No-one is going to download a zip file just to see screenshots m8, try uploading them and then maybe people will be more interested.


          kk sorry bout it, its just that they wouldnt upload for me. i try to get them uploaded as soon as possible


            interressant idea & good work