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DM-Curse-UT3 - [Screens] [Download] [Updated] [PC/PS3]

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    DM-Curse-UT3 - [Screens] [Download] [Updated] [PC/PS3]

    At last I have the pleasure to announce Curse-UT3

    Name: DM-Curse-UT3

    Version: 2.0

    Compatibility: latest

    Description: My UT3 version of DM-Curse map, not a remake but based off UT99/UT2k3/4 you may know and love.

    Comments: For those who dont know this map, you have three hidden places that contain powerups or weapon caches. weapon/ammo/amour placement from UT99 version with Link gun opposite for slightly better flow.

    Credits: WrATH(SeanW), Cliff Bleszinski/Epic Games for the original map concept and and design.

    Status: 99%

    -Beta2 changes-

    Lots of Blocking volumes so less lightly to get blocked or stuck by scenery/meshes.
    Lifts now work much better and smoother.
    Fixed corner lift and shouldn't be blocked in any way.
    Bots now should use Udamage door, touch door to open(not figured out how to shoot open yet like previous UT versions of Curse)

    -Beta2.1 Changes

    Sorted PS3 cooking issue, now works.
    Redesigned sniper hallway for better movement.
    Added higher quality shadows and lightmaps

    -Beta3 Changes

    Lifts *should* work better
    Door to udamage now has to be shot to open just like in UT99. Note: Primary flak fire don't open it(secondary fire does) maybe a UT3 bug.
    Tweaked some light and textures.
    Added some ambient sounds
    Side Hole where the sniper is you now have to jump to get into, just like UT99.
    Fixed screenshot not showing up in UI.
    Made thigh pads easier to get to without the need to crouch(good for PS3 users).
    Added powerup invisibility

    -Beta4 changes

    Lifts work proper now, reset to their start position even if you jump off them.
    Removed invisibility
    Biorifle/side lift area is like UT99 now giving more room and better flow.
    Added a light function to the water area which gives a nice subtle water reflection.
    Added dynamic shadows to the lifts and reaper(if your playing on world detail 5). Lamp has ridged body meaning when shot swings and casts dynamic shadow(looks spooky).
    Updated screenshot in game UI which looks better.
    Tweaked performance, maybe better.
    Made height fog darker.

    -Beta4-1 Changes

    Removed effect that created a package and crashed UT3 without it.

    -Beta4-2 Changes

    New wall texture that looks as though it's 3d and has bricks as seen in the UE3 demo and new ceiling textures.
    Made udamage door stay open longer and work like UT99 version.
    Added more sounds to lifts.
    Added new screenshots


    Named to Curse-UT3.

    PC Download

    PS3 Download (.jam file)

    nice!! cant wait to play on ps3!


      Just did a quick run through the map, will test it later tonight.

      When I go or jump on it, it disappears but won't bring me up

      PS: Looks great, love it!
      Not too eye candy and not too boring = perfect middle for competetive gaming!


        The lift is supposed to be working, the delay time is just under a second and it should be working fine.


          Hmm....started it again, seemed to work this time....strange!
          But still takes ages till it starts lifting me up

          Found a bug as well:
          You get stuck in front of the small elevator when you are close to the wall on the right hand side (about a yard in front of the Bio Rifle).


            Yep, it's because of the archers, i'm making them higher so you can walk under then. I'll make the lift quicker as well.


              This was my favorite map from Unreal Championship on the xbox. MAD PROPS for remaking it. Thanks for thinking of the PS3 community also.

              If you need a beta tester for the ps3 please let me know, I would love to help.


              *edit* Forgot to tell you the map looks incredible


                Lifts are fixed now, just figured out what was wrong. I'll upload this as beta2.


                  Can you upload it someplace better? The link in the first post is slow as hell for me.


                    can't get the download to work, that site keeps lagging out for me in the middle of the download

                    My virus scanner also just detected a trojan popup on the site that launches the download.
                    "Trojan Clicker.CM"


                      I'll try to megaupload, you'll need to download it as it has some fixes in, lifts ect.


                        is this a fixed version now or not cos it still says b1 and u wrote about b2 ?!?


                          Yep. fixed version, beta2 will have the rest of the fixes.


                            ah k but ****, i just loaded b1 up to the redirect so my peeps will get it when connecting.....but on that redirect u cannot overwrite files..


                              Well if anyone can recommend a good site for uploading then I'll use it.