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    I have gotten some feedback from some testers and would like a wider opinion if I could.

    Some have suggested moving the cages on the platforms a few degrees so the bars would come down and land between the walkways instead of directly facing them. There are two thoughts to this and would like your input.

    1.) How they are is good because it disrupt the straight path and makes it a bit more interesting to move around them.

    2.) If they were rotated it would be good because they would not get in the way of the spring out of the spawning areas.

    Now I keep going back and forth for multiple reasons so though I should get input and I will make it how you guys want it! hehe


      Does anyone else have any further thoughts, ideas or suggestions on this map? Thoughts on the cages?

      Still looking at a week before my computer gets here and this is all I have! Give me a list of fixes to make on my new machine! hehe

      Once I get set back up the PS3 cook is the first thing on my to do list...


        Looks great, hoping for a PS3 cook.


          Update - Feedback please!

          Finally, I am almost back up and running. I received my computer and it was jacked... wired wrong, bad vid card and worst of all it had Vista 64 bit on it! Well I was actually just high and thought it was a good idea to ask for it... so I got it! Vista BAD, XP GOOD! Anyway I am up and running and have recovered most of the files. Luckily it seems HIVE]I[ is OK so I hope to get this cooked for PS3 very soon.

          If you have downloaded this map please post your feedback here. I KNOW it is not perfect but it will not get better without your input! So please let me know your thoughts on this map. Good or bad, I can take it.

          Thanks for your patience!


            Do not worry I have not forgot about the PS3 build.

            The computer drama continues and I do not have the energy or the time to go into the details. Needless to say it has not been fun.

            However I "think" all the issues have been addressed and I hope to have the PS3 build done within the week.

            Again if you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know.

            Thanks all!


              Pulling my hair out!

              OK so I have jumped into this thing multiple times to build this for PS3 and have had no success. I am using Vista 64 bit now and all of the tutorials I have seen have more options then I have. The entire bottom section of options on the cooking tab is not there, where you select North America and all that.

              Does anyone know any tricks or problems with Vista 64 bit?

              Is it possible for someone else to cook the PC map I have created for PS3 and then I can host and link it? If that is a possibility that you would be great! I would love to get this thing finished up so I can move on...

              Thanks for the input!


                You installed the latest ps3 tools too?

                If so, then thats a bit weird and hopefully someone else can cook it for you. Maybe Anuban or Ranshak.


                  I'm getting 30fps on this map


                    Are the latest ps3 tools in the 3.1 update or is there something else I need to grab to get this to work?