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CTF-ExcessiveForce [Beta Pics] Updated

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    CTF-ExcessiveForce [Beta Pics] Updated

    Hey all, here's a large CTF map from a first-time mapper. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Name: CTF-ExcessiveForce
    Version: Beta (Updated v1.1)
    Compatibility: UT3
    Description: large CTF map inspired by Face, GiantHalls, and DiamondSword.
    Comments: feedback would be much appreciated, since this is my first map ever.

    Download link:


    Credits: Hourences, Unreal Playground, Epic Games, my friends back at Blizzpub for helping me test out the map.

    Best off using for screenshots, it has forum thumbnail links you can paste here.


      Updated to beta v1.1.

      Renamed file to CTF-ExcessiveForceBeta.
      Adjusted lighting.
      Removed 2 particle systems.
      Reworked and improved overall bot paths.
      File size is slightly smaller, still needs a lot of work.

      As usual, feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated.


        I like where you were going with this map. However, I find that it lacks direction. What I mean by that is that there are areas and platforms and wide open spaces that just seem to be...there. What I suggest you do, is make the Necris spawning room smaller, as well as the blue side's (I'll call 'em techie's). The techie flag doesn't need to be on crates. Make some sort of dome or room to hold it. I know that you wanted it to match Necris' side, but it's the techie's, they would house their map in a fort. The "basement" needs to shrink as well. Just too much space on both sides; make it symmetrical. In the middle room, there are two platforms on the very ends, dump em. They serve no purpose other than to hold some health. Finally, the topmost room that is accessible only through the basement, either needs to go, or have a big keg 'o health. If you put a power up there like berserker, by the time anyone gets back down to use it, it'll be half gone. Oh, one more thing: Do you really need pools of water that do nothing? I'm talking of the two in the flag room and the one around the statue. They aren't deep enough to hide in or hold anything, so what's the point?

        I hope this helps. That's all I want to do. I really do like the Necris side alot. That spawning and flag room kick ***, but the other side of the map needs to be tightened.


          Thanks for the input, Saiya-jin. I think I should have mentioned there are many things hiding all over the place...

          The topmost room (with the lifts leading up) do serve a purpose, just not a very obvious one. There's a tiny gap in the wall where a translocator would just be large enough to fit in. Bots are pathed to go up there, but they usually don't, so consider it a bonus for alert players...

          The pool in the very back of red base (beneath the statue) is not entirely decorative, there's a Redeemer around there. To balance that out, there's also a Redeemer in the back of blue base.

          You're right in that the two pools to the sides of the necris flag room are purely decorative, I'll probably remove them.

          The basement is rather large, I'll see if I can work on that. Probably will also nix some of the platforms or adjust them.


            Thta looks awesome ...however..... Its way to big! u need atleast have a hoverboard to make the map work.