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    DM-PressureII alpha

    Name: DM-PressureII
    Version: Alpha
    Compatibility: UT3
    Description: A remake of a classic map.
    This is an alpha release. It's purpose is to make sure the scale is right as well is to test some of the ideas and the botpathing.

    The lightning now is far from being finished, except few places, there a lot of missing textures, and quite a lot of BSP stuff (like some of the walkways) in the end will be replaced by static meshes.


    Credits: Juan Pancho ' XceptOne ' Eekels for the original level, Hourences for the useful tutorials and water textures.

    Feedback is highly appreciated.

    Good work. Please make sure the scale is right for UT3, and also, please take the time to use a real triggered pressure volume, not some stupid invisible mover that comes down and crushes you in the chamber. I hated all the UT2004 remakes that did that.

    If you need some help, take a look at my version for UT2004 (DM-Pressure-r1), it's got all the sounds, it uses a triggered pressure volume and everything about it functions exactly like the UT99 version, the only thing it's missing is the little chimney on top of the pressure chamber that blows out the steam. There was not enough room for another triggered event. Also please try and make sure that you don't get stuck on static meshes and even BSP thats plaguing a lot of maps.


      The trap works properly, though right now there's no inflating and people just die like in any other volume and explode. My first priority was to set up a kismet properly, so this can be played as usual. Also, right now I have no idea, how to tell nearby bots that they can trigger the trap.

      I guess I'll have to look into making a custom volume and damage type.


        It would be worth it to code the trap so there is inflating! Also make sure the death message is that you have been depressurized, and that your vision turns to red and your FOV increases as you are being depressurized!

        My map DM-Pressure-r1 had full bot support, and the bodies in the pressure chamber shrunk instead of inflate due to a bug in the U2.5 engine.The bot support was achieved using a custom "bot candy" actor. Setting it up was quite complicated and I can't even begin to tell you how I did it, in fact, I had most of the help bot pathing the chamber from a person named slinky. This was on the INA forums, here is a link to his profile:

        If I were you I would try and find a way of contacting him.



          Already keen on playing the full.


            Hmm can't believe there aren't more replies. I'm betting most people on here now don't know why this map is significant.

            Anyway, Lynx, I've played the alpha and have some quick feedback.
            1. It is pretty tough to get out of the water.
            2. There is no screenshot for the map when you are selecting it in the menu.
            3. Don't forget the flickering light. You can now do this again in UT3, the feature was broken in UT2004.
            4. The lift sounds are broken.
            5. I would not use the name that you will use on the final version on the alpha or beta to avoid version mismatches on redirect servers.
            6. All the sounds appear to be missing.
            7. The pressure chamber is going to need a lot of work. It needs pushable buttons to activate it, and you need to be able to shoot them as well as touch them, and when you activate one of them, the other must be activated as well to avoid it being pushed while the chamber is in use. You do have some kind of triggered volume set up to kill you, but a pressure volume would be best.

            I encourage you to look at my just-updated map DM-Pressure-r2 for ut2004. It has everything perfect, except the chimney that blows out the steam on top of the pressure chamber:

            It has full bot support for the pressure chamber and uses a real triggered pressure volume. I encourage you to take a look at it and see how things are done, and copy whatever you want, as I doubt I will get around to making pressure for UT3. I am going to talk to Blitz (on the UP forums), who made the TriggeredPressureVolume, and see if he will make one for UT3. Please contact me with any questions, I want to make Pressure in UT3 that works correctly and has eye candy a reality!!!


              О, _Lynx , ты римейк карты делаешь

              1) В классике ящики были деревянными, с логотипом красной команды;
              2) Скалинг нормальный;
              3) Лифты надо сделать чуть-чуть быстрее

              (scaling is fine, lifts could be a bit faster)


                Yeah, what he said ^


                  Make sure you can shoot the button with guns to activate the pressuriser also, it's no real pressure without that


                    I love pressure, good luck with this! Just make sure the scale of map is correct and any other problems can easily be fixed!




                        Long awaited update is here.

                        Approximate changelist:
                        • fixed the problem with lifts getting broken when bots stuck on them
                        • made getting out of the water easier, though not as easy as I'd want it to (I guess that's a common problem here, remember the new Deck)
                        • trap is now working, though AI doesn't know yet how to trigger it. Also, no depressurization effect yeat - that will need coding and for now I have pretty much no I idea how to do the required effects (inflating+fov change)
                        • pretty much complete botpathing. I pretty much remember all the tricks players did and made sure the bots do the same. At least they can reach every pickup on the map. High-level bots will grab the sniper rifle.

                        movers sounds are not fixed yet - I know how to do that, but forgot about them. Also no bells and whistles in that one, so it's deadly silent and has no emitters. Lighting is WIP just as the deco.

                        See the first post for updated link.