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Destroyable Deployables - blow up those spider mine traps!

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    I'd like to drop one vote in the slot for even easier to kill deployables. Like, I dunno, maybe 150 instead of the 200 you mentioned before, or something like that.

    Just a thought, after playing with them for awhile.



      Will do when/if I update. I'll also need to add the Link Station and X-Ray Field, though I suppose they should be a bit sturdier since they're kinda hard not to spot.


        Get the idea, but a no for me. Here's why:

        Old post indeed. I'm running a server, but I think there's no need to use a mutator like this.
        People that don't know how these mines work will think they're extremely hard and anoying, of course.
        But it has only 15 spiders (and needs 2 spiders/player if player has 100 hp), and lives for 2:30 minutes if not out of spiders.
        If you walk close to the trap so spiders come out, they walk to you in straight line, as magnet.
        Just keep your link gun ready and use the alternate fire (laser) shortly to kill each spider after the other. Mine gone, no one damaged.
        If the mine is close to elevator, you can go to a higher level and let spiders group below you, killing them all with 1 shot.
        So actually they are very easy to kill. This way trapmakers don't get their massacre?? Even just a simple killing spree...
        I haven't seen that a lot. There are players enough knowing how to handle these traps.
        As for the EMP, that trap has a very short living time, not even worth to be destroyable.
        If you only play with beginners on a server, or for personal use in offline matches... Well I guess it works for that.


          Amusing. .. a reply 8 years!


            The spider mine trap is really annoying. I can't get past it.