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    Love this map been playing it a lot. The only prob I've found is there a sticky spot inbetween the rocks on the upper walkway near the armour vest. Not a huge issue, but detracts the tiniest bit from this quality map. I am on a beta2 copy so ill have to update maybe already fixed and sorry if someone has already pointed this out


      The update fixes it.


        Originally posted by glator View Post
        Men I really don't know what to do... I did erevything I read here, but no changes...

        what I understand worst is that I've got a worse config than you (e4300 8800gts 320mo 2go) and no drops, no crashes, no slow mouse...
        The only possible difference is may be the drivers, I use omega driver 2.169.21 (optimised version of the original 169.21 driver).
        The last thing I can try is streaming the map, but in such a little map it would have no effect... They don't use it even in WAR maps

        EDIT: BTW what's your game version?
        Oui mais en quel niveau de detail tu joues aussi? Quelle résolution, etc.? Moi c'est 1680x1050 tout a fond et j'ai 60FPS (locked) sur toutes les maps officielles, DM-Fractal (la mienne) descendant seulement à 55FPS quand les portes du piege se referment. Alors quand je vois 28FPS a un endroit sur ta map ca peut pas juste etre qu'elle est trop détaillée... Parce qu'elle ne l'est pas. Le problème se situe forcémment ailleurs... S'agit de le trouver, et c'est ca qui n'est pas évident.
        La solution provisoire ca serait de rajouter du brouillard et de remettre les cull distances comme ils étaient avant, mais au moins avec le brouillard on verra pas les choses disparaitre... Cependant il me semble aussi que yavait des problemes de performance, meme quand les cull distances etaient plus bas, donc c'est peut etre pas ca non plus...
        Si seulement il y avait un moyen de vérifier le nombre de polygones calculés ingame comme dans UT2004, juste en tapant "rmode 1" dans la console, on pourrait trouver le probleme tout de suite. Ca doit forcémment etre possible dans UT3 mais je connais pas la commande...


          bon je vais repondre en anglais histoire que tout le monde comprenne

          I've finally found the source of the fps drops: it is from the light fonctions of the fires
          I removed all of them and now I've got 75fps at the link instead of 50.
          But I actualy wanna keep them cause I think it's really better for the "ambience" of the map. So I'll search a solution and realease the beta4 without that problem


            There is the beta4:
            -no lightfunction, so no fps drops (I hope so)
            -minor bug fixes and collisons such as trees

            I think the next release will be the final one. Now I need to put the screen, desc etc...

            PS: sorry for the double post...


              Wow, me a Dark have like the exact same system except for the core his being quad mine being duo.
              I'll give ya feedback asap, i pray this ends the frame drops.


              Amazing work glator, you fixed it, your no lightfunction got rid of it, now my fps barely drop bellow 58!

              I hope the no lightfunction doesn't take away from the map.

              Overall, after finally being able to play with no fps drops, i gotta say i love the map, beautiful visuals of a old roman/gothic (almost) castle, coupled with great flow, this is a winner.I only found that near the sniper you could get stuck, in the corner that looks into the rox, i got stuck, and i saw a bot get stuck near the 50 shield. I just hate these new bots, i hate how on experienced they can't kill you in 1 direct rox hit but they play like an experienced bot should, but on anything higher they effing are Godlike! I pray to God Epic makes them less Godlike once they get the **** 360 version of UT3 done, also i pray they do a high ad campaign for it so more peoples get it (even for PC).

              Remember, description, map picture and player count.


                Bonnes nouvelles! J'essaie

                EDIT: Ya toujours ce malheureux problème mais bon je pense pas qu'en plein milieu du jeu quelqu'un aille se placer tout près de la chute calé entre deux static meshes pour regarder la chute de travers. Mais bon je préfère t'en avertir, a part ça le reste fonctionne très bien 60FPS partout.

                Pour ce qui est de la solution que tu cherches, il n'y aurait pas un moyen d'activer un LOD sur les light functions? Comme ca a partir d'une certaine distance le light function disparait pour être remplacé par un static light et donc ca optimiserait vachement tout en ayant les quelques light functions tous près qui s'affichent encore.


                  well, I think I have fixed all thing wich had to be fixed, so I'm about to make the full release.

                  I'm choosing the music, but I'm not sure wich one I'll take. I think A_music_RomNecris01_DM is the best one for thi map. What's you opinion?

                  PS: to listen to the music, open Ued, then the generic browser, and open the A_music_arrengment package. Then look for A_music_RomNecris01_DM in the package list, and make sure "soundcue" is checked.


                    Awesome, remember the description, player count and map preview picture (just a picture, for god sake don't go ruining the picture with writing saying who the mapper is for we know who you are.

                    So i'm guessing your going to take a break from mapping after you give this a final or do you have more maps in store?


                      Glator, this release is perfect. I have very good fps and my computer doesn't crash after 5-10 minutes! Thank you for the best custom (and retail...) map novadays... Just love this style, gothic castle, beatiful colors, mrrr Maybe after Calahan2 you can convert UT3 DM-Aristocraty ( ?
                      I think, that RomNecris01 will be ok.
                      Waiting for full release!


                        @UglyPants: no other map yet, but how knows, may be in a month or two...

                        @FreEp:thx, I'll post the full release tomorrow, I'm waiting for the very last feedback from another site. Concerning Aristocraty, it would be a great idea, but I need author autorisation and there's a lot of custom models in that map, and I can't make it :|


                          Final yet?


                            Very nice map.. Looks and plays great. Too many places to get "jammed" tho.