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    I have taken the liberty of including this excellent (dare I say essential) mutator in a script setup tutorial. Hope you don't mind.


      Originally posted by Geist View Post
      I don't know how the game sends passwords, but this is not intended for use when connecting to REMOTE servers. Instead, it's intended for quickly getting into a map for testing (skipping the login from the entry menus). So, if you use the command-line ?options to connect to a remote server, yes it might send that info across the net as clear text. But as for the login process once the ?options are parsed and it logs into your profile, that's using whatever encryption Epic provided.
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        Originally posted by slogic View Post
        Is it possible to update this mutator so i could auto-login to offline user?
        I'll look into that sometime this week, if not on the coming weekend.

        Originally posted by Xyx View Post
        I have taken the liberty of including this excellent (dare I say essential) mutator in a script setup tutorial. Hope you don't mind.
        Sweet... glad it's working out for everyone. After adding offline login support, I'll probably finally get around to updating this mod to Release status.


          Well, I'm out of luck. I try the mutator but it does not work in my case I always play offline and want to bypass the login screen. I already bypass the adds by the ini file. So the first screen I see is the "Press any key". I have try diferent syntax without succes. I always have to click on "Press any key". After that, it is the login menu like always. These are the syntax I have try :

          ps: XXX refer to my username/password

          1- ?mutator=MutProfileAutoLogin.MutProfileAutoLogin ?profilename=XXX ?profilepassword=XXX
          2- ?mutator=MutProfileAutoLogin.MutProfileAutoLogin profilename=XXX profilepassword=XXX
          3- ?mutator=MutProfileAutoLogin.MutProfileAutoLogin ?profilename=XXX ?profilepassword=XXX
          4- ?mutator=MutProfileAutoLogin.MutProfileAutoLogin ?profilename=XXX?profilepassword=XXX
          5- ?mutator=MutProfileAutoLogin.MutProfileAutoLogin ?profilename=XXXprofilepassword=XXX
          6- ?mutator=MutProfileAutoLogin.MutProfileAutoLogin profilename=XXXprofilepassword=XXX

          Any idea ?

          EDIT: I did try again with the patch 1.2 installed and now it's working.


            this is awesome, just what the doctor ordered


              FYI: If you don't want the Mutator to appear in the list, remove UTMutProfileAutoLogin.ini from the Config folder, or just don't install it. This Mutator will still work from the command line.

              Also, if anyone is interested. I have written a batch file that loops through all arguments and adds them as mutators:
              @echo off
              SET MUT=
              FOR %%A IN (%*) DO (
                SET MUT=!MUT!,mutator=%%A
              echo Using: %MUT%
              @echo on
              "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\ut3.exe" DM-Deck?mutator=MutProfileAutoLogin.MutProfileAutoLogin%MUT%?ProfileName=XXX?ProfilePassword=XXX
              This allows you to create a shortcut and specify the mutators you want to load by entering something like:
              "C:\Some Path\Test.bat" MyPackage.UTMutator_MyMutator1 MyPackage.UTMutator_MyMutator2
              ... and so on.