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    Profile Auto-Login [Beta]

    Name: ProfileAutoLogin (mutator)
    Version: v0.3 beta
    Compatibility: UT3 v1.1 (build 3521)
    Description: When using the command-line to jump directly into a map, the front-end menus and profile login are bypassed. Until there's a patch to fix the -login and -password switches, this mutator provides profile auto-login via command-line vars instead.

    Although this mutator appears in the Mutators list, it should only be used from the command-line (i.e. in your shortcut or batch file to run the game, not the in-game console).

    Typical command-line usage:
    You just need to specify this mutator and the profilename and profilepassword vars...
    UT3.exe <mapname>?mutator=MutProfileAutoLogin.MutProfileAutoLogin[,<other mutators>]?ProfileName=N00blet?ProfilePassword=pwnt[?<other options>...]

    To be explictly redundant, this will load the <mapname> map and login the 'N00blet' online profile, using the 'pwnt' password.

    Comments: There are some hidden options that preserve the behavior of AutoLogin and LocalLogin, but you would usually just NOT USE THE MUTATOR if that's what you wanted. Also, I may add a "Mutate ProfileLogin <name> <password>" for the in-game console, if there's a need.

    This is my first released UT3 mod, and my first mod ever released on these forums, so feedback is appreciated!

    Credits: I credit my laziness in not wanting to go through the login menus each iteration of testing (and my willingness to put in extra effort to support my own laziness)
    Extract to your My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame folder, and the ini/u files should fall into place.

    Great concept, but I'm lazy too. Someone test this and report back on it!


      so what exactly do you do? type that line into the console? or command prompt?


        Take a look at the command-line stuff in the first post. You need to specify this mutator and the profilename and profilepassword vars in your shortcut/batch file when running the game.

        EDIT: Updated first post for clarification...


          This is neat!

          Although I'd really love it if you can make it so it bypasses the **** and dumps me into the main menu, instead of putting me into a map. Any chance of that?


            instead of mapname, will it let me specify a test server to join? ie: ipaddressort ?


              @Randal: Ummmm... just run the game with no params and you'll go into the menu... or maybe I just don't understand what "****" you want to bypass?

              @bushbomb: I'm not sure what options there are for the command-line, but I'm sure it will allow it... have you tried specifying an ip: port instead of map name?

              This mutator simply makes profilename and profilepassword vars available if you use the mutator from the command-line.


                I guess I was thinking of the Press Any Key screen, and the logging in part (but I guess that part is the main menu).

                So, I guess I saw this and thought maybe it would or could be a way to bypass the completely useless Press Any Key screen, and put us into the main menu?

                The logging in part I was thinking of is probably a pipe-dream at this point. Lord knows it's needed, but I guess a mutator won't be able to fix that abortion.

                Thanks more modding!


                  Ah, I understand now. But I guess only Epic could fix that by fixing the -login and -password switches, since there are no mutators (or other custom script) loaded during the main menus... especially at that first Press Any Key menu.

                  Anyway, just FYI, the "Press Any Key" menu is another device commonly used in console games... if you're on a PS3/etc, pressing a button on a controller to get past this screen typically tells the game which controller will be used to navigate the menus. So you can pick up controller 2 (or 3 or whatever) and start getting into the game. Of course, they could also just accept input from all controllers, but then you see stuff like other players screwing with you as you try to setup a game (it happens).

                  Since there is only 1 controller (keyboard and mouse) on a PC game, this could have been avoided for PC... so hopefully Epic will fix this in the next patch (like they fixed the annoying Start Game confirmation screen in the first patch).


                    Thank you sir.

                    That was very informative. Depressing, but informative.


                      Excellent work! This makes testing my code much easier.

                      I can't get this to work with -useunpublished.

                      UT3.exe -useunpublished WAR-Floodgate?mutatoryaddayadda just takes me to the stupid "Press Any Key" screen.

                      UT3.exe WAR-Floodgate?mutatoryaddayadda -useunpublished launches the map but does not load my profile.


                      Whoops... turns out that when you use -useunpublished, everything in the Published folder is ignored. I copied MutProfileAutoLogin.u to Unpublished\CookedPC\Script and now it works wonderfully.


                        Glad it helps you guys. And yeah, you have to specify your command-line switches (i.e. anything along the lines of '-whatever') after the map and ?options.

                        And btw, it has been in beta for a while now with no reported problems... I'll give it a few more days, then move it to Final.


                          Question: Does the game send passwords in clear text? If not does this present a problem typing your password in clear text into the command line?


                            I don't know how the game sends passwords, but this is not intended for use when connecting to REMOTE servers. Instead, it's intended for quickly getting into a map for testing (skipping the login from the entry menus). So, if you use the command-line ?options to connect to a remote server, yes it might send that info across the net as clear text. But as for the login process once the ?options are parsed and it logs into your profile, that's using whatever encryption Epic provided.


                              Is it possible to update this mutator so i could auto-login to offline user?