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Xan MKI and Disaster models for UTIII

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    Originally posted by AnubanUT2 View Post
    If you don't know how to create directories on your PC by now I don't know how to help. yes you have to create the folders/subdirectories if they do not exist. And if you installed the product correctly you do have a directory under your own profile you installed the game under. So there are is a UTCustom.ini on your hard drive ... do a search for it and you should also be able to find out that directory name.
    So it doesn't matter where the UTCustom.ini file is located?

    EDIT I've run a full system search and UTCustom.ini does not exist.
    Remember that this is different from the main program directory which is usually C:\Unreal Tournament 3 or C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3. You will end up creating the CookedPC\CustomChar and CustomMaps subdirs if you plan on installing any custom content in the future.
    Yes, I've already done that, however if you follow the instructions in the readme the XMCT_model_beta folder ends up in the Unreal Tournament 3 folder rather than the CustomChar folder, although I assume that it is not. Am I correct in this assumption?


      You are still not following the instructions, my friend.

      1. Drag "UTGame" from the rar file into C:\My documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\. It's inside the XMCT_model_beta folder, in case you haven't looked. You will get a message about merging folders. Punch the yes button.

      2. It's UTCustomChar.ini, not UTCustom.ini.

      To MacTom27: You have perfectly captured the essence of Xan's bad-assery. Pure awesome.


        cool xan skin but why there is no voise pack for costumcarcters


          cool xan skin but why there is no voise pack for costumcarcters the old ut99 voise pack was cool



            Epic as of yet has not given modders the ability to add custom voices, until they do, we can't have any original voices.


              sry for the double post i hope epic come soon with that


                Any news? This thread has been idle for too long considering you're working on some of my most anticipated models.


                  Originally posted by RanShak View Post
                  Any news? This thread has been idle for too long considering you're working on some of my most anticipated models.
                  ChaosUT3 FTW!


                    when be final version?


                      First of all,
                      thanks for keeping your interest in these models !

                      Well, it is not really a bad new. But I want to start over with this pack.
                      I am not fully satisfied with them and I believe I can do better.

                      Actually my main problem is their uv map structure. Each body of the stock model use a specific area of the texture map.
                      And there are issues when you try to mix them with body parts from other characters.

                      So they are NOT cancelled just delayed.

                      I want and I will make this models pack.

                      Here the character list :

                      Xan MKI (team leader)

                      Male bots :

                      Female bots :

                      I will rework the meshes, improve their design and post the progress here.

                      My apologies, I know that some people wish to play with them but trust me, nobody want a model which has any issue.
                      Beside like Busyman said, I am quite busy with CHAOSIII too.


                        thiss is realy amazing!!

                        i love UT '99


                        NINGUN CHILENO POR AKI??


                          As long as you haven't forgotten about them.


                            I was liking that Xan model, too...

                            But, hey, as long as it's good in the end, might as well.


                              The ps3 version model (this time whit head) are in work?



                                I have now a better computer, so I am able to test my models more properly :

                                Before the final release, I must do :

                                - Custom sounds and voices
                                - Custom factions
                                - First person arms
                                - Optimized materials
                                - Maybe a custom character map for them

                                So if you have any infos about these stuffs. Don't hesitate to post !
                                Thanx in advance (even if I will try to find out by myself)

                                Hopefully, they should be released within a month.