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CTF-McKinley Revival [Pics] [ALPHA] [UPDATE 1]

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    CTF-McKinley Revival [Pics] [ALPHA] [UPDATE 1]

    Name: CTF-McKinley Revival

    Version: ALPHA

    Compatibility: PC (UT3 v1.1)

    Description: Based on McKinley Revival for Quake 2 CTF.

    Comments: Quake 2 is where i first started playing FPS's
    online, My most favourate gametype at the time was CTF. I
    wanted to do my own remake of the level and saw it as a good
    opportunity to get to grips with the editor.

    Screenshot: 1 Screenshot Bellow, I resized it to 640x480
    from 1680x1050 as i didnt want to break any rules. Because of
    this the picture is not as good as i would have hoped and makes
    the room look rather "thin". If theres a demand for a better pic ill
    put one up but probably after ive got the lighting just right.

    Credits: EPIC (for the UT Series and the editor) ID for the Quake series and Threewave for CTF () and this map i believe.

    Homepage: None

    Download: None (yet)

    McKinley was one of my favourate maps when i played Quake 2 CTF, As i said i wanted to get to grips with the editor and decided to do a remake of it. I hope it is good enough when im finally finished. I have only just started on the lighting so its not perfect at the moment. I do plan on putting it up as a beta for some people to test out for balance and any bugs etc, that is if anyone is willing.

    Update 1 (changed):

    I had an issue with the editor crashing and losing around 8 hours work, however thanks to (¯°·«èXó»·°¯) I now have my map right back to where i was when the editor crashed!

    *breathes sigh of relief*

    yeah man put the link up so we can download the map, play it, and give you feedback. We need more quality CTF maps man. Make sure you have some sort of bot pathing in it ... nothing great at first but at serviceable.


      I'd defo give you some feedback on this map


        Noice. Quake remakes are always worth a download.
        I'm not so keen on railings around platforms, though. Never good for gameplay.


          Is there ever gonna be a d/l link on this map?