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Ut3 Ripper: The Krall RipClaw [Alpha] [Downlaod Avaliable]

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    Ut3 Ripper: The Krall RipClaw [Alpha] [Downlaod Avaliable]

    Name: The new version of the famous ripper known as the Rip Claw

    Alpha 0.1

    Screen Shots: Computer broken but may be able to get some by DEC 26th


    The original ripper designed by rhe Skarrj was always a favourite in the older tournament. Now, due to newly enhanced long ranged warfare tactics leading, the skarrj along with the Liandri corp and the Axons have discarded its close combat because it is no longed used in heavy, battlefied operations and it functions in special forces missions have been replaced with the flak cannon

    After a special forces warfare infiltration mission (Hopefully coming soon) the soldiers there discovered old tournament weapons that had been stolen and redesigned by the Necris. After scientists decoded certain documents it was found that the Necris were going to offer as a sign to the Krall Hunter Clan the Claws as a bribe to make them aid the necris in assasination operations and a trade for certain Krall Vehicle (Definatley coming soon) designs that had been untested.

    Now the weapon has been recreated and is ready for testing in the battlefield.

    • Uses Flak cannon model, (Maybe someone may like to help here)
    • Primary fire shoots low powered bouncing energy discs.
    • Secondary fire shoots stinger shards. (Hopefully to become Krall horns and Claws)
    • Has its own instagib mutator.
    • Can be placed in editor via weapon lockers or summoned with:
    • giveweapon utgame.utweap_RipClaw
    Feedback: Please give some feedback if you do download this.

    Extras: Its amazing the way that you can think Unreal Tournament Weapon history / stories without even planning it and letting your fingers just hit the keyboard.

    What is it that you want

    Ive noticed that you have many projects that your working on. From what you say; your computer broke down. For the sake of good humor, explain how you are posting these threads, and creating new mod's.

    Why do u want everyone to download ur stuff when your not completing anything?

    I love u man, but i cant take it anymore


      Have you made it take heads clean off?


        No, not yet, i hope to soon be able to make it do that.

        And by the way, i have two computers. I am currently doing all the coding on my laptop but Ut3 is installed on my one that broke down.

        Unless you want screen shots of a few lines of code there isn't much else i can do


          the background does not fit = \
          the original ripper was a skaarj weapon


            Okay, i will change it, thanks for the information anyway.


              heres a link with a mod for UT2k4 with a modeled ripjack

              maybe you can import the texture


                Thats the problem, thanks for the files but i don't know yet how to change the model or texture but i'm looking for some tuorials.

                Thanks for that, it will help me though


                  I definitely want a Ripper for Xmas.


                    Well, hopefully i'll be able to apply the ripjack model and skin to it soon.


                      Just make sure if you use any part of that model or texture you need to get Radiosity's permission.

                      (and it would just be right anyways)


                        Originally posted by marilol View Post
                        Well, hopefully i'll be able to apply the ripjack model and skin to it soon.
                        I'd get permission before using someone else's assets, Merilol.


                          i surgest you wait till you have compiled and tested before you release anything, just becaause it should work doesn't mean it will, ask the guys doing custom characters