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    I have a problem I did what your Installation instructions stated:

    - Put the .u files in the "%My Documents%\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\Script" folder
    OR, if you use -nohomedir in your commandline then place the files in the
    "Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\CookedPC\Script" folder.

    - Open "%My Documents%\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config" (or "Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config" if
    you use -nohomedir) and place the .ini file there.

    - In the same folder, open UTEngine.ini and search for "[Engine.GameEngine]", then add underneath that:

    But it sez nothing where to put the 2 folders called:

    TitanTeamFixUT3 and TTFMsg

    So where are those folders go?



      They are just the source files, they don't go anywhere; I included them so that people could have a look at the code if they wanted to.


        Originally posted by Piglet View Post
        I hope there's a whitelist soon. It would be great if this was included in the next patch - the biggest single flaw in the online game is the "maintaining the teams" between levels and the lack of any team balancing.
        Man, so true. That's one bug I really look forward to Epic fixing. In the meantime, this is welcome.


          So far so good. I have not had any problems. It has switch players when teams are uneven and switched users and the end of a game. Cant complain.

          Thanks for a job well done!


            Originally posted by TekHead View Post
            So far so good. I have not had any problems. It has switch players when teams are uneven and switched users and the end of a game. Cant complain.

            Thanks for a job well done!
            Good to know

            I think it's gone through enough testing now for a non-beta release, I've cleaned up the code (removed all debug stuff) and will put it up in the 'Full Releases' forum in a few days, after I get a couple of things checked/tested.


              Ah, just the right time for a small bug to turn up

              There's a problem with the current version where it wont notice that the teams are uneven when the match starts (unless a player dies or exits), I've fixed this by moving the team shuffling code so that it shuffles at the start of a match rather than at the end. I've also added a check on team numbers for when shuffling is turned off, as well as a clientside message telling players that the teams have been shuffled.

              The problem (which is minor really) may still occur under rare circumstances, but it should sort itself out when a player dies.

              Please let me know if there are any problems with this version, I am also interested in knowing if people prefer for the teams to be shuffled at the start of a map or at the end of each map (both methods have potential disadvantages):


                I prefer shuffle the teams at the end of the game, because when the next match starts they see what team they are. A lot people shot at the first minute of the new game to own team, because they didnĀ“t notice when they switch to another colour .


                  Yea I figured there would be some problems like that, I'll recode it so that you can choose when the teams are shuffled (it will still check that the teams are balanced at match start though).

                  Also, I'll wait until the next patch (which should be here soon) before moving this mut out of beta.


                    Ok here you go:

                    Anyone who has been using previous betas will need to update their .ini file, as I replaced the 'bShuffleTeamsOnTravel' variable with a new one.
                    By default, it shuffles the teams at match start, if you look at the readme you will see how to reconfigure it.

                    Please let me know if you have any problems


                      thx, nice work...


                        Changed to shuffle before mapchange, no problems so far.


                          When you have set shuffle before mapchange and for example every team have 5 players and 3 are leaving from 1 team, map change than the teamfix shuffle the teams to 5vs2 in the next game. Anyway the mut knows that and balance after time the teams correct, but maybe you can have a look at it. Also i saw when min players are 6 and 4 human and 2 bots playing, the game ends, shuffle starts, than they are in 1 team 2 humans and 2 bots and the other team only 2 humans. The teamfix will never correct the size of the team. You must kick a bot or wait for a new player joins.


                            In the case of the first problem you mention:
                            I have it set up so that the code should forcibly balance the teams the moment the match starts (i.e. when the countdown completes); does that happen?

                            As for the second problem:
                            I'll have the code kick the bots when shuffling; UT should automatically re-add them, balancing them out by doing so.


                              I only saw that when shuffling before mapchange.


                                Ok well, for the moment I'll assume that was also caused by bots not being rebalanced, let me know if it happens again

                                Here is the update: