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DM-SiegeReactor (update Jan 30) [Beta7] [PS3&PC DL Link] please rate

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    ill try that. 1st screen reminds me of AWP2 and UNREAL2 and the second looks like DOOM III level )

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    That looks great, comps broken so no download sorry

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  • DM-SiegeReactor (update Jan 30) [Beta7] [PS3&PC DL Link] please rate

    Name: DM-SiegeReactor-Beta7

    Version: Beta 7
    (Updated with this version)
    New Route to the Shock Rifle room
    Adjusted stairs to Flak Cannon
    Added sounds for lifts
    Added more detail meshes
    Adjusted lighting

    (PS3 specific)
    reduced some pipe meshes and a couple effects in the reactor chamber to improve frame rate

    Gametype: DM

    Recomended number of players: 5-10

    Compatibility: 1.1 patch

    Description: Takes place within the confines of a reactor facility that was used to power a long forgotten Liandri war machine. Recently this abandon reactor facility was rediscovered and reactivated for some unkown purpose. Are the Liandri begining to add to their army, and what kind of war machine would require that amount of power?

    I think I have taken care of pretty much everything that was suggested. As always tell me how it is. PS3 players I need to know if the reduced meshes and effects in the reactor chamber have helped reduced the frame issues. If all goes well the next release is final


    Here are the new batch of screenshots showing some of the new weapon placements.





    To play this on the PC put the DM-SiegeReactor-beta7 files into the following directory:

    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

    Credits: Me, Myself, and I.....ohh yeah and some company called Epic

    And last but not least the Download link (PS3 ver is there as well, just DL the appropriate version for you):