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DM-Eclipse (formerly DM-Walkway) BETA Released (Download + New Screens)

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    Just a quick poll, would a Raptor be more fair, or should I just keep the Fury? No idea when I will get the asteroids working properly to hit the spacecraft, which will definitely have an impact on gameplay when in the flyer.

    Adding Lightning or an EMP pulse might be too much of a stretch, but making the person who destroys the Fury get 199 Health and 100 Armor sounds fair to me...

    I completely forgot about the Fury's boost ability, as I don't fly them often. That will get a little tamed with the asteroid threat I think, cuz it will be really easy to boost yourself right into a cluster of those things and go BOOM.


    Thanks again for the feedback, I will keep chuggin' away on this one 'til it's finished. May be a while as I have to teach myself a few things, but the results are much better than I originally anticipated... and I'm glad that the structured areas on the base of it really make the station look like a real, solid entity.

    Kinda funny, no one seemed to notice the "Meteor Shower" on the planet... sometimes I like to sit and watch them for a few seconds before a match... Really like the way that turned out. It's not painfully obvious though, so that's all... *watches you go load up the game to go see.. lol*


      Noticed this due to your comment on the other 'new' Eclipse map. Glad you did mention this cuz it looks quite interesting and I always hunger for low grav space maps.
      Will definately check it out this weekend.

      EDIT: Is the beta still up? I can't down the file.


        I really like this map. Good Work. I really like playing it with 32 bots


          Looks like the link went away... stupid filefront.

          I will see if I can dig up the Beta backup, the RC isn't quite ready for release yet.


            wow looks good


              I'll be happy to wait for the RC if ya want.


                Very nice looking map, love the re-coloured planet. Is there another download link, the OP one doesn't seem to work?