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DM-Ancient-Temple 0.2

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    DM-Ancient-Temple 0.2

    Name: DM-Ancient-Temple
    Current Version: 0.2
    Compatibility: UT3
    Description: A small DM/1on1 map, suitable for about 2 to 10 players.
    Comments: Fairly basic design, simple map with a fairly clean but unpolished and unfinished design.

    Known Issues:
    Bots still confused on Flak Cannon Ledge in Redeemer Room

    Change Log:
    - Many (not all) bot Paths fixed or added
    - New corridoors added to layout
    - Rocket Launcher's relocated to new corridoors
    - Sheild Belt downgraded to Thigh Pads
    - UDamage replaced with Rocket Launcher
    - Berserk replaced with Jump Boots


    I plan to redo the BSP texturing in most of the map, excluding the center/upper part of the map. I also plan to get some more static meshes in, around the place to make things appear better.

    UT3 Map: Ancient Temple BETA
    UT3 Editor Map: Ancient Temple.ut3 (WARNING: right click "save target as", else your browser may assume it's a text file... a very large text file that may crash your browser)

    This is my first map for UT3, have made a few maps in the past for other games but never released any... anyway this is just a fairly simple temple. I know there are two or three problems with it as well as the path nodes only being half built so bots get a little confused and stuck in some rooms ^^;;.

    Ancient Temple BETA

    I have two (very large) screens of it, it's a fairly basic map and not too big, mainly wondering what people think, so mainly after feed back, rather then a real release.

    Picture 1
    Picture 2

    Is it me, or are the two pictures exactly the same?


      Originally posted by SaxxonPike View Post
      Is it me, or are the two pictures exactly the same? try that one.


        sorry about that, fixed it now. ^^;;.


          Looks Neet-o, can't wait to test a beta... I got a thing for old temples and stuff...


            Okay, tested it a bit...

            I love the ceiling texture, but it's very much over-used... (though I'd imagine that will change)

            Things I didn't like:

            -Lamps in the middle of rooms, really obstructs the flow of the game.

            -Seems like you crammed every single powerup, weapon, and armor into the map. I was running around with 150+ health and 100+ armor the entire game. No need for all that armor unless you WANT to slow the game down, which sucks.

            -Lots of narrow halls+Lots of Flak Cannons/Stingers+Udamage=poor gameplay, cuz it's better to hide in a corner til it wears off the person then to risk going into a hall and getting wiped by the guy with 199armor, 199health, UDamage, Berzerk, and a Stinger. UDamage is kinda overkill, so is having both a shield belt AND a super health, or having ALL of the armor you should pick one piece of armor that will be important, so people have to fight for it.

            -Bot pathing sucks/is incomplete, they spent most of the time running back and forth, even when I was shooting them.

            -Bots cannot seem to figure out that they have to jump on top of platforms to get ammo and just keep running into it like they're retarded....

            -Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many dead-ends, try connecting some of those dead-end rooms together, again, slows down the gameplay.

            The Good: It's a solid, non-flat layout and is a superb start for a map, just needs a lot added. Once some meshes are added to break up the blockiness, it will work out great I think. So, definitely keep at it, I hope to see the next beta soon.


            Kill the UDamage, Shield Belt, Helmet, and ShinGuard things... Keep the Vest, Berzerk, and Super Health and it will greatly improve the gameplay.

            Shrink down the Plinths with the ammo on them, so the bots can get up to them, bots won't jump up to most things that they HAVE to double-jump to get to.

            Add a couple of halls to add more ways to get around without HAVING to backtrack.


              also. most matches the bots can't figure out how to leave the room they spawned in or they might just be camping the powerup/rocket launcher in the room. Not sure.

              Too many decorative meshes blocking your path. Too many in general.

              I agree with connecting a few of the rooms.

              I really like the shiny floor and the fact that i can get a solid 60 fps on your map with all the settings cranked up


                Ah ok thanks, I have an idea of some of the things to tackle, I already knew about those bots, half completed path nodes an all that. I'll link those side rooms up. some how... be interesting that one... I'll possibly switch out a few meshes and replace them... esp. that darned fountain one...


                  Ok I have sorted out most of the bot issues, and changed the layout around the outter rooms, now only two are not linked, thus being the Redeemer room and a random side room. I have removed the Berserk and Udamage power-ups as well. Udamage has been replaced by a Rocket Launcher. The previous Rocket Launchers have been moved to new corridoors I created to link the outer rooms. Berserk has been replaced with Jump Boots as these are less over powering but make getting Redeemer easier. (it was possible before... did anyone notice the redeemer I wonder?). Also the Shield Belt has been downgraded to Tighpads(sp) so 200% armour is now impossible.

                  Anyway I shall put a new version of the map up over the weekend. Bot paths should now be a bit more complete. I still need to learn how to bot path properly but at least they should not get stuck anymore and should be able to get around rooms. Next I wanna focus on retexturing the downstairs area and adding more decorative static meshes to make the map look better and make it look professional, but we all know that's not the case now . So any input on either of those areas will be welcome. I will also try to put up the UT3 Editor file up on my server as well over the weekend.


                    I have now uploaded version 0.2 of this map to my browser, this replaces the link for version 0.1. I welcome any feedback or information on any (potential) issues.


                      Hi I have played version 0.1 quite a bit and just upgraded to 0.2. All the changes have improved this map and it flows a lot better. Looking good. Love the shiny floor. Could maybe use a few coloured lights for a bit of variety?


                        Well, this is a vast improvement over the original. Seriously, it flows much better now. The only thing it needs now is to trade in some floor lights for more ceiling and wall lights (they obstruct the playing field a little less), and maybe put some of your gargoyle/demon statues on some type of small platform, cuz they just look odd to me sitting there on the floor.

                        Also, there are two statues in one room that kinda look like they got crammed into the corner together. It may be better to scale them down and put them on some sort of pedestal, cuz they look kinda cramped in there.

                        Other than that, like I said, a vast improvement on playability and it actually makes it more likely that more people could get in on this. I was playing with 12 bots and it still didn't feel cramped, except I kept tripping myself up on the floor lamps.

                        I dunno if the jump boots are 100% necessary for getting the Redeemer, but the do get to be kinda annoying, since you have to double-jump on most of the plinths to get to the health vials and ammo there.

                        Keep up the good work, this map runs really smooth, so I can see adding in quite a few decorative meshes and maybe start swapping out for some new textures here and there to break things up. I look forward to a future release.


                          ok my plans for 0.3 are now... to make static meshes and a few effects... I think covering the walls with static meshes and making some new ceiling pieces for where the stairs are and for some of the lower areas and stuff... also with a few "damaged" pieces to add a bit of an aged effect to the temple... after all it's called Ancient Temple.

                          I am thinking of making some custom hanging fire cages, and then using partical effects for different colour fires in them... so like orange, green and blue flames... then using both static lighting and some flickering dynamic light (probably have to make that "high" graphics tho) to give them a flame effect as such... but at the moment I dunno how to do all of that in Unreal Editor 3 or if it's all even possible... so I am either gunna have to learn or get some help . Either way I think 0.3 will probably be some time off in to the future and probably be close to a proper release.


                            That should all be possible, you'll just have to learn some basic Kismet. Also, I wouldn't suggest over-doing the dynamic lighting. if they are going to be kinda dim anyway, static lighting will be more than enough. I think dynamic lights would be better suited to a larger fire like a campfire or something... haven't tried putting much into dynamic lights yet, but I am going to see if I can add some torches to a small map and see just how it effects performance.


                              If Kismet uses C styled programming then it should be fine.. haven't looked into it yet XD... I will probably have to learn to use Blender for making the static meshes and also have to make my own textures... lots of stuff to learn and do ^^. And good old Epic gave us the abilities to effect graphics levels with say Low, Medium and High for a reason, I think if I implement dynamic lighting it's quite possible I'd be placing them as "high" detail .

                              Anyways lots of things I still need to learn ^^.