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    1. Name: CTF-Bloxeh-beta

    2. Version: 50% completed

    3. Compatibility: UT3

    4. Description: Remake of ut2k4's CTF-Bloxeh

    5. Comments: For those of you in the mood to help a newby mapper (me) I would like the following advice or help..

    1. Textures= are the texture choices right? I looked through many textures and had a very hard time picking the right ones and i still hate the ceiling texture! So any comments about what texture I should change or keep let me know.. thx

    Also I really suck at aligning textures I aligned them somewhat just to make it look a little nice in the screen shots but they are off slightly and I just don't have the knowledge of the editor enough to know how to get them just right..
    any tips on that would be helpful!

    2. Lighting= Its very poor lighting right now. I went out to put the light actors where they needed to be but haven't really picked the right colors for them exactly yet.

    Thx for any help given I hope

    6. Screen shots:

    7. Credits: dark_elf , Original maker of map only left the name Fred.. so thx Fred.

    8. Homepage:

    9. Download:



    Well it looks fine, the textures look fine and once you get the lighting fixed I'm sure they will look great. Can't give you any tips though because I suck with the Editor too. But still, great job so far.


      I agree about the lighting. Once you tweak it some it'll look great.


        This map got played alot by the ut2004 community, always have a sort of a love hate relation with this map Anyway nice to see it making a comeback in UT3 :P


          Yep its a nice remake, but please tweak bots cause now they prefer staying in base :/


            oh forgot to mention the bot support lol...

            I haven't started on bot support yet. I'll have go go find a tutorial on bot pathing that will probably be near the last bit of stuff I do for map I'm more concerned with eye candy still.

            Still got weapon and pickup's to do still



              I have run into some problems and some of them I manged to fix

              --Lighting is done a little bit better I hope... I worked a little bit more on placement, coloring, and shadows by changing the texture properties...

              --Bot support I did (I usually hate playing with bots and never once would do bot support in a ut2k4 map of mine but seeing as many people don't play online I might as well do it its not like its hard..) Bots do play alright I didn't do a full test out with the bot pathing but it should be alright if not over killed.. (so if someone would like to make sure i did bot support right thank you!

              --Cooked the map

              --Its still beta I still have a few textures to finish aligning as I am currently having a bug thats really annoying the *** out of me..


              I choose a material in editor from the hu-floors package.. I apply the material to the floor. Then when I go to in game play here.. Works great can see texture and it looks great in map.. I go to instant action after building all and cooking the map... Material turns to default material.. (I have tried changing the light res on the texture to default 32, changing the material to something else...)

              This could be just a silly error on my part I really don't know... I have searched everywhere for a solution but as far as I can tell no one has had this issue...

              If someone has had this problem, knows the solution, or is willing to slap me across the face and tell me I'm an idiot that did a really dumb mistake let me know I beg you!

              More screen shots--


              Download for those who would like to help test the few things I mentioned above,,