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[WIP] CTF-Ranel - update 28/12/07

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    [WIP] CTF-Ranel - update 28/12/07

    1. Name: CTF Ranel

    2. Version: 1 - Alpha WIP only at this stage

    3. Compatibility: UT3

    4. Description: This is a reworking/updating of the 2k4 version of this map which was a conversion of the original UT version of this map, being made for an old clan of mines who used this as their home map for clanbase. Also a good chance for me to relearn the editor.

    5. Comments: The map is still in the Alpha stage and currently being updated with new materials, lighting will completely be redone to use static meshes in the places real life lighting would be placed inside a building with some ambient spotlighting and static meshes will replace some of the original bsp to make the look i want. Looking at an underground facility with steelwork supports in places, metal walkways etc to make the look i want to achieve. I am aiming for a tentative date of sometime late next week for first beta or week after.

    6. Screenshots: Taken from inside UT3ed wil update once map reaches beta phases with higher quality shots.

    7. Credits: Myself for this reworking, Andre "ARKHAM" creator of UT2K4 version and David 'DAVIDM' M√ľnnich original creator of the Ranel map for UT99, all materials etc from standard ones supplied by Epic at this stage.

    8. Homepage: TBA

    9. Download: TBA

    Any comments on the look or anything feel free to post them, as i am returning to UT3ed after a long break and slowly working my way into the scene again. So open to any constructive comments that anyone might have.


    17/12/07 Update - I finished the material work Sunday night and the background material first pass is now complete. I also sorted out a few static mesh additions to replace some of the bsp which i felt needed replaced to fit in with the new look. I have 2 ramps and the central area of the map currently made from bsp to change to static meshes left to do, then i can start adding in the static meshs of crates or new ones to replace the old crates. Will add more screenshots once this part is done to show the changes i have made.

    This should be done the next few days real life allowing and after this i will attack the lighting updating, movers, bots pathing and weapon placements plus the addition of the base graphics to clearly define the blue and red bases. I am still hopefully looking at an early beta test end of week/start of next, i want this map to feel right hence taking my time with the new editor to update this map so future builds will go quicker.

    28/12/07 - Ok sorry for slow update but current status is as follows. lighting is now at 50% of the new static mesh reworking and finalised as can be seen in part in the blue base screenshots above and red base will match the lighting layout from blue side. 4 lifts to be built yet, bot pathing to be finalised, base signs etc to be added and weapon placements re-added. The blue look will be made a lot lighter in final build this was done to decide what level is needed.

    I added another 2 walkways in the midfield area to place new armour options and balanced the look for me at least there. More screenshots and beta will follow in the next few days time allowing in real life.

    Looks like a nice layout, can't wait.


      For some reason, those angled pillars remind me of Doom3, lol... Looks to be a great start, can't wait to see some details and stuff.


        Thanks i will be uploading some more links in to screenshots once i get the middle of the map sorted with materials over the next few days.


          One of my fav UT maps, cant wait til its done.


            Interesting, any updates?


              Will be updating tomorrow haven't had time to map due to a family illness and going to hospital with the family member involved, just been shattered from all the travelling on that day.

              Current plan is to finish the material placing tonight/tomorrow, of which i am about 75% through now and replace some of the bsp currently in the map plus add in what is usually expected from Ranel mesh wise. Once this is done i will be attacking the changing of the lighting to use static meshes.

              Again sorry for lack of updates but been a tough few days to get through.



                First post updated with current status of the WIP


                  First post update with new screenshots of work in progress and also current status of rebuild.


                    Originally posted by SCM View Post
                    First post update with new screenshots of work in progress and also current status of rebuild.
                    any news about this map?