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WAR-SandstormX [beta 5, updated 2008-01-08]

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    WAR-SandstormX [beta 5, updated 2008-01-08]

    Epic's vCTF-Sandstorm converted to Warfare.

    • Several very different link setups that completely change the way the map is played.
    • Improved flow. Warfare does not need its flow restricted like (V)CTF. Jumppads lead up the giant "stairs" in the center of the wall and up to the Redeemer ledge.
    • Four new, detailed buildings have been added to house extra nodes. Many existing structures have been slightly remodeled to provide better cover for nodes.
    • The sandstorm, of course!
    Link setups
    • Default: Axon versus Necris with a bit of everything.
    • TopGun: Raptors versus Furies with some Cicadas, Mantas and Vipers thrown in.
    • GroundWar: Two Leviathans and plenty of heavy armor battling for the ground level nodes (no Redeemer).
    • Conquest: Connected cores with lots of standalone nodes in between for Battlefield style gameplay (no Redeemer).
    • Classic: The all-Necris VCTF vehicle loadout on the (mostly) unmodified parts of the map.
    • Invasion: Darkwalkers assault dug-in SPMA defenses in an asymmetrical war.
    • Tested in Single Player. The bots are OK. They'll go everywhere and do everything. Don't expect unusual brilliance, of course.
    • Multiplayer is untested. Let me know.
    PC: MediaFire
    PS3: MediaFire

    Installation instructions provided in the Readme in the download. Basically, place the UTGame folder in your My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3 folder.

    Please post feedback!

    Actually, those giant stairs are traversed via the Jump Boots.

    Also, If you thought it was too open, why not add in a few Wall meshes around the cores (at the very least)?


      Yeah, add stuff like the building found in screenshot 2 & 3, would be nice to see a few.

      Also, consider making a second (large) doorway through that huge wall that separates the map, then you could add a second core path. Would make for some very interesting gameplay.


        In case nobody found out yet while playing vCTF-Sandstorm... the big elevator that takes you from the archway up to the wall is a vehicle elevator. You can park a vehicle there and it'll be taken to the top of the wall. Unfortunately, it only activates once you step out of the vehicle (we'll try to fix that) and may bump your vehicle off if you didn't park it carefully.

        Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post
        those giant stairs are traversed via the Jump Boots.
        That, too, but that doesn't flow very well. Flow has to be restricted in (v)CTF for obvious reasons, but not in Warfare.

        Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post
        If you thought it was too open, why not add in a few Wall meshes around the cores?
        Because I'm a n00b mapper. But I'm getting some help here.

        Originally posted by Mr.UglyPants View Post
        consider making a second (large) doorway through that huge wall that separates the map, then you could add a second core path.
        There are already three paths across the wall:
        1. The giant archway.
        2. The giant "stairs" (now with jumppads for easy access).
        3. The balcony with the Redeemer (now also with jumppads for easy access).
        Does it really need a fourth path?


          No, i guess i haven't played the map enough to notice the other two.


            Hello Xyx,

            really good work keep on modifying some maps to Capture The Flag or Warefare.


              Update! Lots changed since the last time, resulting in a map that (hopefully) looks and plays much better:
              • Buildings have been altered to provide good cover for the nodes. Me and T-Shinzon even added several entirely new buildings.
              • Node link setups were tweaked to provide more variety.

              First post updated with the new download.


                Another update.

                • Subtle visual improvements (new roofs more in line with the rest of the map, partially redone lighting, added bits of trim).
                • Overhauled link setups for more variety. Nodes are not so close to each other anymore. Some nodes have minimum playercount requirements.
                • Tweaked weapon and pickup placement.

                Standard Axon versus Necris link setup.

                Battlefield style link setup with mostly standalone nodes. Go anywhere, capture anything or go straight for the core. The Redeemer has been disabled.

                Heavy ground armor, including two Leviathans, slug it out over the ground level nodes.

                Dug-in Axon artillery attempts to fend off a heavy Necris assault force in this asymmetrical link setup.

                Raptor, Cicadas and Furies dogfight in a link setup full of fast vehicles.

                Download in the first post. I could really use some feedback.



                  • More eye candy around the waterfall node (seen above).
                  • Tweaked link setups. Slightly less vehicle heavy now.
                  • Applied more minimum player requirements. Most link setups start with just the prime nodes, but additional nodes get added when more players join. This keeps the number of vehicles roughly equal to the number of players. I hope that strikes the right balance.
                  • Added a Classic link setup that uses the VCTF Necris versus Necris vehicle loadout (Darkwalker, Nemesis, Scavenger, Fury and Viper for each side) and only takes you to the (mostly) unmodified parts of the map.

                  Download in the first post. Still waiting for feedback!


                    I'm surprised there aren't more comments
                    This map plays quite well, and in my opinion better than 90% of the warfare maps that shipped with the game.


                      This map is great.


                        I haven't gotten a chance to play with all of the setups, but the one I played was quite excellent. Great job on this, Xyx!


                          Looks good... will give it a try on my server tonight if I get some time.



                            • Minor visual update to the Scavenger parking spots at the waterfall node (see screenie) and the spire of the bridge tower (added Necris tube stuff - never enough of that).
                            • Shortened node names.
                            • The map is now named WAR-SandstormXBeta5, so you won't get any problems if you host the beta and then update to the final release (which will be WAR-SandstormX).
                            • Blocking volume above cores lowered.
                            • Fixed (hopefully) AI; bots no longer stand around where the jumppads to the waterfall used to be in the link setups that disable them (GroundWar and Conquest).


                              Could you cook this for Ps3 Xyx? this seems like a realy fun map from the comments and is made for one of my favorite game types. I am willing to test any maps or anything else you work on for the ps3 if needed.