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DM-1on1-Judith remake [pics, DL link]

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    Originally posted by Nawrot View Post
    Well happy testing, I decided to publish beta.
    Will do , posting feeback later , thx


      Originally posted by BuffyTheSlayer View Post
      and color is beautifull too ...
      Well those monitors were easiest way I could find to put some color there without making my own meshes and textures.

      I had another idea: loading ramp with blink blink lights, but that involved again custom textures (for lights) and redesign of one wall and skybox.

      So monitors are lazy man choice.


        seems overmeshed to me. atmosphere seems completely different from the original, barely recognizeable. at least keep the color scheme, or unclutter it a bit so it keeps a closer visual flow.


          To be honest, this is one of the best looking maps I've seen thus far for ut3. Some other people made some pretty cool maps, but I love the orange sunset appearance that yours has. Good job.



            i just played the beta after waiting... WE ARE NOT WORTHY!

            of all of the maps i have looked at on these forums (pretty much all of them) this is the BEST by far, and the second one i have seen that is "Epic Games quality" standard.

            i can not wait for the full version!


              This a cool 1on1 map , i like the gameplay , the bots play very well , keep it up dude !


                I added ambient sound yesterday and fixed all bugs i knew about. So All I need is music, loading screen and few emitters (smoke from vents, 1-2 sparks).


                  Really nice small map, looks great, awesome skyzone and lighting (mostly) and the gameplay is alot of fun!

                  However i do have my gripes:

                  The most annoying thing about this map, the playerstarts. Most of them aren't positioned well. I spent most of the games spawning facing a wall or a window - very bad! Also spawns should be out of the way and distant from the action, maby cut one or two from the rocket launcher room.

                  A good selection of items, but their placement was average. In spawning in the RL room, i usually died from rocket attack before id even reached the gun. I think the rocket launcher and the health should be swapped on that lower level, or move the spawns more to the corner with the crates. Link gun was in a fine position, but i think the corridoors from the RL room need something in them, preferable health vials or some ammo. Shock was ok..i guess you take a risk going under the ramp to get it, but i've generally believed weapons should be easy to pick up and players wanting their ammo should have to go a little further. Id probably try putting the SR on the flat corner of the ramp and shock ammo under the ramp. Then i would put a stinger and a link in replace of the two stinger ammo, and another stinger and link where the two link ammos are by the health. I think the stingers position is ok. Could this map benefit from a flak cannon, say in the non link corridoor?

                  Afew minor things: Lighting was fantastic but noticably bland/flat in the side coridoors, which need pickups : )

                  There is a strange gap in the wall of the link corridoor, where you can see through to the shock rifle. I could get up there, but theres no reason, so i thought that could be a brilliant place to put a powerup, say shieldbelt or thighpads or something, but at the end of a short tunnel. If you remove afew crates someone could walk down there and get a powerup (infact maby put the keg there) as it would be a risk. Players in the shock room could see you walk down and the only way out would be the entrance you came in by.

                  One last thing, maby add a blocking volume on the tops of the pink and blue tv displays which have the health on them, just above the RL. Just to help players walk over them smoothly and drop down.

                  Otherwise really goooood! Nice work, hope you can relate to the issues i've brought up tho.


                    This is remake, weapons and pickups are copied from ut99 original. Indeed I just slapped playerstars (again same spots as original) without rotating them and then I forgot to fix that.

                    I am fine tuning lights in corridors now. But again I want to stay with feel of original which had 2 different sets of textures (main room - Ut, corridors from Quake), that is reason for light contrast: warm, brown/yellow in big room, cold blue in corridors.

                    Blocking volumes are fixed in beta 2.

                    As to weapons and pickups I did not test it, or think about them yet (since It was brilliant for old map, but small size differences made it not so brilliant anymore), that is whats beta is for. I played old one a lot and it was "King of hill" game play, who ever controlled rocket and armor usually won game. All those long range weapons are in corridors for easier killing that guy in big room.

                    I will replace link with flak, and put link in empty corridor. I know that small area with crates and boxes next to link and shock begs for some pickup, but Keg could be too much there, it probably would destroy that "king of hill" gameplay, I am thinking about berserk, or something weaker than shield in big room.


                      Bump, because this is a great map.

                      Any chance of a new beta release soon?


                        soon soon, only pic to add
                        And doing it right now, if it only worked


                          Bump, map released: