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    i just remembered ur map, and gave it a test

    i have played a lot of maps here. some that have been incredibly pretty, and played badly. some that have had no visual appeal, but played incredible. some that were perfect in every aspect. some that were balanced.

    your map was close to perfect. i just played 3 straight games, and none of them went too long, or too short. there were plenty of weapons. the bots worked around well.

    the only things that i really noticed was the heavy use of bsp. but thats not a worry. also, i tried out the sniper on the sand dune bit, and began to wonder why HEADSHOT wasnt ringing out like usual... then i noticed the collisions on the grass XD.

    well, thats not too bad either. i never thought id see the day of a female UT mapper, yet here you are.

    keep it up

    EDIT: i'll look into the collisions. i know its not a tickbox, and i know its in the Object Properties. il open up unrealed and tell u in a sec....

    EDIT EDIT: kk, to remove collisions, simply open their properites (press F4 or whatever u want), then click on Collision (hehe) then, scroll down to the drop down box that lists diff types of collisions. simply select the one that says no collision. ther done.


      awesome, thank you. Will give that a shot...

      And thanks for all you're support. I've mapped (commercially) for a few games, so I am not new to mapping in general, but still learning the little bits that make up the Unreal Engine 3, so hopefully everything will start coming together nicely.

      EDIT: Cooking a FIXED Collision version, that will hopefully do away with any annoying grass collisions, left the tree collisions, since there is no conceivable way (that I can find) to filter out the leafy parts from the tree trunk/branches, and didn't want to just make blocking volumes, since the courtyard tree that was obstructing Sniper Spot/Super Health Spawn Point was moved out of the way.


        nice to hear things are working well for you now

        i may even publish a few tutorials on matinee, etc... iv noticed a lot of people are asking but not getting answers .

        but yea, as i said, its a pretty good map . very balanced consididering size .


          Yeah, it was a huge map in Goldeneye007 and Perfect Dark, actually a little too big in those games (due to a max of 4 player support and the bots sucked), so I figured it would be a well-suited layout to UT3's Online Play, since it'll comfortably House 12-24 players before the crowding starts. (though 24 is a little chaotic)

          One Q: Should I add a second Link Gun to the area up by the Super Health? It's a ***** spawning on that ramp when the courtyard is loaded with people and all you got is an Enforcer and quite a haul to get the Shock Rifle or Sniper Rifle....

          EDIT: Collision Fix D/L added to first post. TY Green_Day_584, will add you to the credits since you've been a real life-saver. And, okay I will leave the second link gun out.

          I did find a slight, very rare, bug while playtesting when I was uploading the new version. You can get stuck somehow in the corner between the wall by the ramp (in the courtyard) and the pillar there. I will attempt to fix that using a blocking volume when I add blocking volumes to the skylights.

          So what's next? Probably Acoustic/Reverb Volumes, Blocking Volumes, a few more meshes (roof things to make the outside of the map less viewable when spectating if you are high up near a skylight and adding some small grass meshes growing up through the bricks under the other skylights), enhanced lighting (it's nearly where I want it, but I wanna see more shadows), Volumetric Lighting for the skylights (unless this can be automatically accomplished by adding the Dust/fog effect I posted earlier)... Work Work Work... lol


            hmm... no. not necisarily. it adds a challenge.




              Download been available... 27 total downloads... 1 review, no suggestions... no love for newer mappers, apparently supposed to be a newb forever...


                lol. it was a good map, and i cant wiat for full release, so accept this



                  Aaaah, this takes me back. I made a Temple map for UT2004 that I never released, but I hope you do with yours. It looks a lot more wide-open than the original layout.


                    Oh this will be in the Final releases, but I am going to have to do some major work to get it to that stage. I'm not gonna rush it out either, it'll be ready when it's ready and I'll keep adding/modifying things as I think of them....

                    Next release will be release candidate 1, I will have most of the finalized stuff done by that point.

                    Things done so far:

                    -Added screenshot image for menu selection.
                    -Modified and Optimized Path nodes, bots will now use even smarter tactics *EG* (I found that the bots like to face the direction that the Path nodes face, so I altered them and gave them a slight shift, so bots will now more often hug walls, strafe when moving around corners, navigate the halls via zig-zag patterns, etc.)
                    -Added some more trees, weeds, and debris to the courtyard to chop up some of that open-ness.
                    -Added some grass/weeds growing from between the bricks in the Dragon Fountain room on the other side of the map, as well as some hanging vines, and added water to the fountain. (May re-size the dragon and make water flowing out of its mouth via a small waterfall mesh).
                    -Retoned the hanging candle lamps to be a little more dim and toned down their radius.
                    -Toned down lights in the Southern Statue room (with the Necris Statues), to give it a darker appearance.
                    -Toned down ambient light in the courtyard to give it a softer lighting under the cieling areas.
                    -Moved Directional light to line up better with the sun and moved the Skydome up more.
                    -Added blocking volumes to the skylights, it will now be low-grav safe for server testing. (NEED online tests for FPS and Pind drop danger zones... I wonder about the courtyard...)
                    -Optimized terrain and all other non-viewables to have NO material to render.
                    -Reverb volumes added to some of the larger rooms.
                    -Changed World default reverb to better suit the map.

                    More changes to come, like:

                    -Ground Fog for the floors underground and leading to the courtyard.
                    -Music will be added.
                    -Very few more static meshes added to cretain sections of floor with clashing floor textures. (where some halls meet adjoining rooms)
                    -Ambient Sounds added to some areas.
                    -Particle emitters to make the level more lively...
                    -And more...


                      Any comments, scrutiny, suggestions are welcome....



                        Final Release Candidate 1 is finished!!!!!!!!!!!... Tons of stuff added, from Particle Emitters, some new meshes, a few extra lights, much more toned-down lighting, more spawn points to discouage spawn-deaths and spawn-camping, the level is much more "alive" now... no change on item placement, it works well as-is...

                        Need major testing and feedback to finish this off...

                        I know that the only things really missing right now are the Background Music and the screenshot tag (when I actually did get this working, it kept screwing up the game and wouldn't load the!).

                        No ReadMe with this one, cuz I gotta type up a new one, which WILL be with the final release... very soon... I hope... hehe...

                        Download on first post...



                          Very nice map.

                          The only two negative things I ran into...
                          1) A mis-alignment of the ramp down leaving the shock room, couldn't just walk over it.

                          2) And this is subjective, the lamps along the walls, you can't walk under them, such as when strafing sideways down the walls.

                          Other than that it is a beautiful map, and the framerates were very good, even on my old hardware.

                          The lower level with the grass, very nice.

                          Didn't find any shield belt, maybe I missed it.

                          I can't comment on how it will play with people, but with bots it played very well. It's definitely a keeper for me.


                            Only thing that I can see is the skymap at the top of the temple if you look up it looks like the sky has seams in it. Like it's been sewn together. Try rotating the skymap down some so you can't see that. Otherwise your map is a blast! Love it!


                              the above bug was already fixed, I added a blocking volume... the Final release is available in "Full Releases"

                              I really wanted to leave the lamps low, I had them up high originally, but it really made the wall look bare...

                              As far as the sky goes, I am going to probably add a completely custom Sky material for this map, just not sure exactly what I want and I don't really ever spend much time looking up in a DM anyway lol... but, I may do a small update later, go check out the full version, it should have most bugs fixed + a little more eye candy.

                              Thanks for the comments and suggestions