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DM-PerfectTemple (Final version in FULL RELEASES)

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    DM-PerfectTemple (Final version in FULL RELEASES)

    Game Modes Supported: DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Duel
    Number of Players Supported: 8-24 (up to 36, with 36 player starts)

    Newest Download: (FINAL RELEASE CANDIDATE 1) ->



    Old Files:

    (BETA v1.2 w/ Collision Fix):

    Changes: Fixed Collisions vs. Grass Meshes. he map is now much more Sniper-friendly.

    Download Beta v1.2 (Bad Collision on Grass):

    Changes: Lighting Changed, again, Redeemer replaces spider mine, since that apparently won't work in DM anyway, more ammo tossed here and there, so less resorting to the Hammer-thing :P

    Download Beta v1.1:

    Changes: Lighting changed, more weapons, completed Bot pathing.

    Download Beta v1.0:

    Known Bugs/Issues:

    -No Music yet

    Any other problems/changes/suggestions, please post here.

    Credits: Me, Epic, Nintendo and Rare (for the original layout, which translates really well into UT3)

    Keep in mind, I've never mapped for UT 99/2k3/2k4/3 before and I am pretty happy with the outcome so far.

    (Older Post
    As of this moment, I have no screens, but I am about 75-80% finished with my first UT3 map...

    So, you want the info h? Here it is.

    I strongly recommend having 8-16 (maybe more!) players, as it's huge...

    but, what is it?

    Sorry, I'm running a build and the lightmaps are taking forever to encode, so I decided to make a premature post...

    Okay, so for anyone who liked Goldeneye007 or Perfect Dark on the N64, I have completely re-built and somewhat re-designed the Temple map. The original layout is the same, though I think I scaled some rooms up a tad. The rooms are quite large, but the halls offer a really up-close and in-your-face combat experience that I miss from some of the older shooters, since so much in UT is about dodge-jumping....

    Speaking of Dodge-jumping, the ramps make it really hard to dodge jump, so you have to keep a subconcious tab on where you are in relationship to them, or you may find yourself hopping into a rocket blast.

    As I mentioned above, the layout is practically Identical as I used a rendered image of the map and actually measured the relative scales pixel by pixel... but, I added in a lot of cover, it is not just a huge rock-colored box. There's a lot of fun things you can do... and even a place for you snipers, but it does have a weak spot...

    I've yet to add Bot support and more player starts, since the original map had only 12, and that seems like far too few on a map this size (not to mention UT3 Ed keeps reminding me that I need 16). But all the weapons are in place, and I have only 3 rooms left to add details, then on to optimizing... hoping to be done by tomorrow at the latest.

    Also, hoping to have screens up by tonight, but no promises, as I have a dinner date tonight...

    EDIT: Sorry for the further delay. Before the last build, I tried toning down some lights, cuz everything was looking freakishly bright, the end result of that fiasco was a map that was too dark to navigate without enemies trying to gun you down... so I am doing another build to re-adjust the light before I add bot support.... Only 2 very short hallways and 2 very small rooms left to populate with detail meshes and I will have screens and a playable download...

    Before I say much else, this won't be anywhere near finalized. For example, I haven't decided on music, haven't yet added reverb volumes (which it will need in at least 3 rooms), no map pic as of yet... basically all of the loose end fun stuff that makes a Final map a final map. This will just be a playable beta test to make sure the layout, bot paths, and item placement are okay....

    I will say that I left a lot of item placements at the standard for this map (with the exception of a Stinger in the "Sandbox Room," which I am considering replacing with the Flak Cannon...). I just want to see if the default weapon spawn points for Perfect Dark/Goldeneye will work well in the faster-paced environment of UT3..

    Without further ado, I will get to work so I can have a product out by tomorrow... *scampers off*




    Here are a few screens, for some reason, lights appear very much darker in-game than they are in the "Lit" editor mode. I am going to change alot of these lights to be much brighter. Or does anyone know if that only happens in the Editor Player?

    Anyways, slightly behind on finishing this so I will release the download when it's done.

    I was hoping today, but it's looking more like in a day or two.


      looks very impressive shade

      cant wait!


        Added download for Beta v1.0 to first post. Looking forward to comments/suggestions. Happy fraggin'

        Also, I have been running this with 11 bots and it's pretty fun. Could probably stand to have upwards of 20-26 players though.

        Bot pathing is incomplete, and I am aware that there are a few pickup lights missing, as well as a shortage of health pickups. The next version will replace the Stinger in the courtyard with a Flak Cannon and there will be various ammo pickups hidden around near statues and stuff.

        I may or may not replace the Spider Mine deployable with the Redeemer, but I will wait on that until I get some feedback.

        Also, if anyone knows a way to make the plants stop blocking hitscan projectiles (Stinger/Enforcer/Sniper Rifle), that would rock... It's annoying to see minigun rounds missing because they hit a blade of grass. :/


          Open the meshes properties, go to collision there you have options to turn collision off for different things.

          There should be no collision for grass!


            Originally posted by Jonny View Post
            Open the meshes properties, go to collision there you have options to turn collision off for different things.

            There should be no collision for grass!
            LOL. Yeah I never understood the need to have collision for grass.....always thought that was funny.

            Map is looking nice ShadeMistress.


              Thanks for the responses, I will get those grass collisions fixed, or rather unfixed, and I should have a better beta with full bot support by tomorrow night maybe. My first test of the next beta release is building lights as I type this lol...

              If the lighting seems a little weird in the courtyard, it is... I left 2 point "utility" lights sitting in there by accident, lol. so they are casting alot of unneeded and unwanted black, blotchy-looking shadows. That will be fixed in the next version as well.

              Comments? Suggestions? Anyone? Cookies? :P


                After you change some light, editor starts to calculate it as dynamic, that is source of light differences between game and editor. You need to rebuild light every time you want to see how it will look in game.

                Another reason may be postprocessing volume or settings in world info. Check those.

                I do not know about anything else that may cause differences in light.


                  I guess the only comment I have it that I really like the lighting in the outdoor courtyard. You have some good shadows and contrast there. Where as when you go to the upper levels of the big rooms everything is really bright.

                  Don't take it wrong I am just one who likes the shadowy feel that a map like that has. When you are in the courtyard everything feels spooky like something is gonna jump out at you. When you go to the top you loose that spooky feeling as everything is so well lit.

                  I definately like the overall idea you are going for. I like maps that have good headroom for low grav jumping and this map will definately have that in spots. I look forward to running it on my gameservers when you are done.


                    In order to solve the dark shadows that you have been experiencing (as i see in the first screenshot) you should place a Skylight (from the actors tab) and i would be recomended to place at least 1 directional light.

                    Hope that this hint will solve some problems you have with lights.


                      Oh that's cool, I didn't mind the darkness, except where it went to black... yuck.

                      I am actually going to be toning things down in some rooms, one hall, where you can drop down from the main room, is way too friggin bright. So bright in act, that only one tiny shadow shows up behind that dragon statue. I am hoping to fix that.

                      Originally, the halls were much darker, I think I may change them back to being dark, cuz I like spooky, confined corners, really raises the pulse when you only have 1 or 2 rockets left and someone pops out ahead of you. Then you're praying that ******* didn't pickup the super health before heading that way... lol

                      As for the headroom, I didn't think about lowgrav at all when designing this map. Please for the love of all UT player wait til the final to put this on any low-G server. I haven't added blocking volumes to the skylights, you'd notice that when spectating, you can fly right up and out of the map completely! but, if you wnna see how it was put together, that's one way... lol

                      btw, beta v1.2 (yeah v1.1 will hopefully go unnoticed, I screwed it up, had to delete a bunch of stuff I added, cuz I went mesh-crazy and cluttered the map a little more then planned)... will be a little more "optimized." I just thought of that after saying you can fly up out of the map, cuz I just finished removing alot of materials from the outside of the next beta map, all those textures will be removed.

                      Bot pathing is far superior in the next one, they will do alot more fighting in the main room...

                      Has anyone else noticed that sometimes the bots will grab an item and sit there, unmoving? Even in the courtyard, where I know I added pathnodes. Should I add more nodes, like do I have to put more defined paths in?

                      I know the basic principle behind nodes, the bot "senses" them and heads towards the nearest one, but what is the "range"(?) a bot can "sense" the nodes?

                      One more Q, this is an editor question, I think I stumbled on a way to view the paths after they are built once, and I can't do it again. How do you view the paths in the editor? (They showed up as simple, curved white lines in my editor when I brought them up before, but I totally did it by accident )


                        When placing an item you should fix it to the ground pressing end.

                        Sometimes the bots get stuck in some item because they cannot reach it.

                        Be sure to click the add pickup ligths (tools->addpicuplights) button.

                        If you press the P key youcan see the lines that connect the different pathnodes therefore you are able to know where the bots will navigate.

                        Hope that is helpful.


                          A new Beta v1.1 is available for those who don't wanna wait to test the first release candidate. It may be a few days as I nit-pick through things. The purpose of this update was to show the better lighting setup in the courtyard, and that Yes, there will be more item placement.

                          The next version will have various ammo types spread out over the map, as there was much running out of ammo. There shouldn't be much of that when the new beta is done, since I am adding Enforcer ammo near all spawn points.

                          The lighting in some places is still just a tad too bright. This will be changed. We should be seeing some sexy new shadowing done on the next version.

                          'Til I get done, please test for gameplay issues and let me know if I missed anything.

                          @maxtrix: Thank you! I dunno what's up with the bots, I guess they're just stupid at that difficulty setting, cuz I bumped the difficulty up and they stopped "lounging" at random places. It was just weird because they would pick up a weapon, walk a bit, and stand there shooting for about 5-10 seconds before moving on.

                          Anyway, FYI, bot pathing is DONE! so go frag some bot ****, or get some buddies togetha' and have some neo-old-school fragging fun...


                            Originally posted by maxtrix View Post
                            In order to solve the dark shadows that you have been experiencing (as i see in the first screenshot) you should place a Skylight (from the actors tab) and i would be recomended to place at least 1 directional light.

                            Hope that this hint will solve some problems you have with lights.
                            Funny i just read over that again and musta missed the directional light thing, that was exactly my problem on that spot. I wasn't getting the "sunlight" effect I was going for, but it looks great now...

                            Gonna add a few more things to the map, Beta v1.2 is cooking as I type, so that D/L should be available...

                            Only need to find a few things before this gets it's final rundown...

                            To-Do (things I could use pointers on):

                            - Fog Effect: I want to make the whole level look very dusty, dust hanging in the air, really give it that really old temple in the middle of some desert oasis feel.

                            -Acoustic/Reverb Volumes: Didn't see a tutorial for this, but the bigger rooms definitely should have some echoing going on. With all the action that goes on in that room it'd be cool to hear the rocket blast reverberating through the rooms near there.

                            -Music: Don't even know where to start, what file types can be used, or anything.

                            -Ambient Sound Effects: Mainly in the rooms with the open ceilings, some sort of wind whistling by.

                            -Particle Emitters: Is there a special way to make leaves fall from the trees? I don't want a ton of leaves falling, but just an occassional 1-3 leaves fluttering down at random intervals. Also, I would love to put an emitter somewhere that generates a small "dust devil" with the sand, also at random intervals.

                            Any pointers/help would rock.

                            PS - Still awaiting gameplay feedback...

                            EDIT: Beta v1.2 available for download on the first post. won't be another release until FRC1 (Final Release Candidate 1) So, get those reviews a-comin'... Til then, I will start on DM-DuelingVipers...

                            EDIT 2: Scratch that, I typoed badly when changing the lights and set the hall lamps at 62 instead of .62 yeah Ouch! My EYES!!!!!


                              Link is fixed, not like it seems to matter, no reviews, no downloads, really no point moving on untile it's functional... so, whatever...

                              Other changes in the last patch:

                              -Middle Health Vial in Main Room is replaced by a UDamage.
                              -Redeemer now replaces Spider Mine Trap Deployable.
                              -More Health and Ammo Scattered about the map.
                              -More Optimized bot pathing, the little ******** are smart now.
                              -Stinger Minigun in the courtyard was replaced with a Flak Cannon.
                              -The Main Room and Courtyard Areas now get much more traffic, making this map very much more enjoyable. Some serious carnage in the main room.

                              Still to fix:

                              No clue where to turn off collision for weapons against grass. Seems to be no option in it's properties, and it's kinda making combat in the courtyard lame at the moment.