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    Timor is the Roman equivalent of the Greek mythological character Phobos.


      lol , phobos is a character name !?


        No, I mean that Phobos is a character in the Greek mythology. Phobos was the personification of fear and horror, while his brother (Deimos) was the personification of dread.

        Mars's moons were named after these two mythological characters.

        The map DM-Phobos from UT99 was named after one of Mars's moons, Phobos, which then was named after the character Phobos from the Greek mythology.
        The map DM-Deimos from UT3 is named after Mars's other moon, Deimos, which was named after (Phobos's brother) Deimos from the Greek mythology.

        Apart from Greek mythology though, there is Roman mythology, which usually have equivalents to Greek characters. The equivalent of Phobos is ''Timor'', which might be a good name for your map as they're essentially the same but still different.


          right lol but nobody know phobos is equivalent of timor :P


            It gets quite long:

            Just pick some simple (3-4 char) nickname for you and name all you maps like: DM-Phobos-CRI or so. And after you pick that nick stick to it and to your naming convention. Do not name one map as: DM-Phobos-CRI and another CTF-CRI-LavaGiant.

            Do not make signature like "-.=\CHRI/=.-" those look lame for map names, usually names with those leet signatures are "balanced" by some gifted clan players, and most of balance is done by adding redeemer and double damage in middle of map.

            As to your map:
            Leave static meshes, and lighting for really final beta. Do not bother for now with details, it will only clutter your map while you making it, and phobos was quite complicated map. Make good BSP first. You do not look that advanced to make map Epic style from meshes only with just few BSP walls, so aim for clean DM-Phobos port with just few meshes carefully put (mainly door frames and trimming, detail outside of accessible area).

            Best help for you would be original bsp mesh from UT99. There is importer/exporter for UT2003/UT2004, sadly it does not work well for UT99. You may try it with better luck than me. Anyway I successfully imported 2 BSP meshes over from UT99 and one from UT2004.

            To import UT99, you need to do it old fashioned way:
            -open DM-phobos in UT99 Editor, save it as DM-Phobos-Copy
            - then (in UT99) delete all weapons, path nodes, lights etc,
            - delete all detail BSP, your goal is to remove as much as possible without destroying layout.
            - when you are only with basic structure, do build all, then envelope whole map with building brush and intersect it.
            - you end up with that brush shaped like orginal map. export it and import to UT3, do not forget to save your copy of source map.

            then fire up UT3, import brush and do ADD or Substract, then scale up (1.25)blue or yellow mesh, just to see dimensions and structure. (warning: BSP will scale up in wireframe view, but it will cut/add just old size like it was never scaled up, so use wireframe brush not unlit view for size comparsion). You may also color your sample brush to something unusual (helps to recognize what is source brush and what is geometry you added). To do so change its color in properties>advanced, and check in "colored".

            then construct your own BSP with that imported brush as example. I also keep old UT99 editor open with orginal map loaded to fly around and see how it looks, makes it easier to understand what line is what on that imported messy brush. Once more I insist: You should make your source brush as simple as possible by removing all detail until you get to naked structure in UT99.


              Originally posted by Jonny View Post
              You know what they say, 'why do it right when you can do it fast?'
              Did you say that when Valve showed shots of their orange maps? Getting the layout and gameplay comes before the bling. If one needs to rearrange/adjust stuff, it's a far bigger PITA to do if there's already a ton of meshes and lights hanging around, so the layout gets perfected first. Deal.

              Originally posted by Jonny View Post
              btw dont call this map Phobos as someone who wants to make a professional looking remake should get that name

              "Don't call this game Half Life 2 as someone who wants to make a professional looking sequel should get that name"

              Originally posted by fuegerstef View Post
              I don't want to be mean, but do you understand the concept of "pre-beta" ?

              Look what the original poster wrote:

              "i know it miss lot of thing on first floor but first i make the 3 floors then , i come back on each floor to fix them, add static mesh, light etc..."

              So, alto, here it goes:
              1. read
              2. understand (<- don't forget)
              3. reply
              There's what a real mapper had to say. Reposted since you obviously skipped it the first time.

              If the map ends up sucking (if the OP doesn't go back and make it look pretty after getting the layout right) then flame on. In the meantime read what people are writing instead of just looking at the pictures.


                huh wtf, its not a thread with title'' how and why write in a forum'' lol


                  i think i gonna release the ''Alpha'' saturday (tomorow)


                    here the alpha: