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Galtanor's Invasion [Beta][Pics][Updated 10/26/2008][v022][Patch 1.3]

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    Freeze bunny is overpowered, i like the monster as a support creature that slows you down while the other monsters damage you, but currently the freeze bunny does both and pins you down till you die. It does not need to be such a heavy damage dealer, would prefer if it just did 1-10hp damage, slowing the player down should be its main role, not player raping, makes the waves more interesting with it in the mix that way.


      Originally posted by Cyzmyass View Post
      Freeze bunny is overpowered, i like the monster as a support creature that slows you down while the other monsters damage you, but currently the freeze bunny does both and pins you down till you die. It does not need to be such a heavy damage dealer, would prefer if it just did 1-10hp damage, slowing the player down should be its main role, not player raping, makes the waves more interesting with it in the mix that way.
      I did notice if you happen to pass 2 of these freeze bunnies, I'm unable to move or even shoot back, just frozen until I die....I do like to at least have a chance, perhaps if I was able to shoot while frozen or the freeze was not as intense....maybe if they could not shoot so rapidly at you.


        Just checked, bunny does 25hp damage per hit, same thing happens to me, when i come across two of them im dead if i dont escape, reducing damage to 10hp per hit would balance it out i think.

        For now i keep their frequency number low so they dont out number me too often, seems to be ok for now.


          Originally posted by Galtanor View Post
          I manually edit it by hand. Bushbomb has a nice editor but I find it easier to lay out the progression of monsters when I can see all the waves in a column.
          The editor is outdated ! It was designed for version 008.
          I have used it to delete the >Undead<-mice from the ini, but after finished, the WaveTable4-Entries are gone.


            Ok nevermind, dont change the bunny damage, i just had too many of them in wave setup before, the bunny is fine once numbers toned down, been playing lots and the balance is just right.

            btw when you add the boss name tag option, do it in the wave table config, not the monster ini, the way i have setup the waves, the bosses i have in the first few level's become just normal grunts in the later levels. So its only the wave boss title i want editable. Aswell as adding wave boss loot drops plz


              I put a lot invasion screens, at my new rodents faction website, up:


                I've been able to get past the issue regarding voting not coming up after all players were dead by recreating the server instance from scratch and adding things back one at a time. So, now I have BattleRPG, Galtanor's Invasion v013 and BiaVote all working properly. Still not sure what the issue was with the previous server instance but that is ancient history now.

                Just a heads up:

                When I test with the new beta Patch 3, the server crashes at the end of the map when voting should be initiated (this was without BiaVote running):

                Critical: appError called:
                Critical: Failed to find function DoMapVote in GaltanorsInvasion DM-Deck.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.GaltanorsInvasion_0
                Not sure if this is a patch issue or something with the gametype code.


                  Mr Galtanor.
                  I just got your new 013 version and noticed that even if the package is compressed, it is still over 60 Meg's
                  So i was thinking that maybe you do cook the package before publishing it, didnt you ?

                  I have never cooked any of my maps because if i do so, it will increase the size of a package. And am not saying it will increase it a little bit, it will make it 10-30 times as much as if you would just compress it without cooking it.

                  I still dont understand why the hell do we even have to cook the package. (unless you want to protect your scripts)

                  60 megs ? this sucks
                  thats my comment

                  I had a map once cooked and it was like 10 20 megs. Compressing the cooked map package didnt do me any good or maybe saved 1 or 2 megs at most.
                  So i didnt cooke it and after it was compressed, i end up with 2 or 3 megs left for reditect server. Isnt that great ?

                  Can u please add something to make these little hard to see annoying mouse bigger like 3 times more ?
                  I mean it its name a mouse, doesnt mean ithas to be small and the exact opposite would be very interesting


                    HTML Code:
                    Error: Objects ParticleLODLevel WP_AVRiL.Particles.P_WP_Avril_Explo:ParticleSpriteEmitter_20.ParticleLODLevel_580 and MaterialExpressionTextureSample WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionTextureSample_0 have duplicate NetIndex 1417
                    Error: Objects ParticleLODLevel WP_AVRiL.Particles.P_WP_Avril_Explo:ParticleSpriteEmitter_20.ParticleLODLevel_60 and MaterialExpressionTextureSample WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionTextureSample_1 have duplicate NetIndex 1418
                    Error: Objects ParticleLODLevel WP_AVRiL.Particles.P_WP_Avril_Explo:ParticleSpriteEmitter_19.ParticleLODLevel_58 and MaterialExpressionTextureSample WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionTextureSample2 have duplicate NetIndex 1416
                    Error: Objects ParticleLODLevel WP_AVRiL.Particles.P_WP_Avril_Explo_far:ParticleSpriteEmitter_22.ParticleLODLevel_53 and MaterialExpressionVertexColor WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionVertexColor_1 have duplicate NetIndex 1462
                    Error: Objects ParticleLODLevel WP_AVRiL.Particles.P_WP_Avril_Explo_far:ParticleSpriteEmitter_26.ParticleLODLevel_404 and Package WP_AVRiL.Materials have duplicate NetIndex 1468
                    Error: Objects ParticleLODLevel WP_AVRiL.Particles.P_WP_Avril_Explo_far:ParticleSpriteEmitter_29.ParticleLODLevel_365 and Package WP_AVRiL.Mesh have duplicate NetIndex 1469
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionDepthBiasedAlpha WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Avril_smoke:MaterialExpressionDepthBiasedAlpha_0 and MaterialExpressionConstant WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionConstant_0 have duplicate NetIndex 1228
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionConstant WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Rock_Fakelit:MaterialExpressionConstant_14 and Material WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh have duplicate NetIndex 1171
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionDepthBiasedAlpha WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Dark_Smoke:MaterialExpressionDepthBiasedAlpha_1 and MaterialExpressionConstant WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionConstant_1 have duplicate NetIndex 1229
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionDepthBiasedAlpha WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Flair_large_Soft:MaterialExpressionDepthBiasedAlpha_0 and MaterialExpressionConstant WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionConstant_3 have duplicate NetIndex 1231
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionMultiply WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Flair_large_Soft:MaterialExpressionMultiply_6 and MaterialExpressionConstant3Vector WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionConstant3Vector_1 have duplicate NetIndex 1270
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionScalarParameter WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Rock_Fakelit:MaterialExpressionScalarParameter_3 and MaterialExpressionMultiply WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionMultiply0 have duplicate NetIndex 1326
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionScalarParameter WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_WP_Avril_Ammo_fake_lit:MaterialExpressionScalarParameter_10 and MaterialExpressionMultiply WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionMultiply_0 have duplicate NetIndex 1327
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionScalarParameter WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_WP_Avril_Ammo_fake_lit:MaterialExpressionScalarParameter_11 and MaterialExpressionMultiply WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionMultiply_3 have duplicate NetIndex 1328
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionScalarParameter WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_WP_Avril_Ammo_fake_lit:MaterialExpressionScalarParameter_6 and MaterialExpressionMultiply WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionMultiply_4 have duplicate NetIndex 1329
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionScalarParameter WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_WP_Avril_Ammo_fake_lit:MaterialExpressionScalarParameter_7 and MaterialExpressionMultiply WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionMultiply_5 have duplicate NetIndex 1330
                    Error: Objects Package Envy_Effects.Glass and MaterialExpressionTextureSample Envy_Effects.Distortion.Materials.M_EFX_Distortion_Noise_01:MaterialExpressionTextureSample2 have duplicate NetIndex 11338
                    Error: Objects Package Envy_Effects.Glass.Materials and MaterialExpressionTextureSample Envy_Effects.Distortion.Materials.M_EFX_Distortion_Noise_01:MaterialExpressionTextureSample_1 have duplicate NetIndex 11339
                    Error: Objects Texture2D Envy_Effects.Glass.Materials.T_EFX_Glass_Dust and ParticleModuleVelocity Envy_Effects.VH_Deaths.P_DarkWalker_Death_Main:ParticleModuleVelocity_140 have duplicate NetIndex 19366
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionVertexColor VH_Goliath.Materials.M_Dirt_Dust:MaterialExpressionVertexColor_1 and MaterialExpressionTextureSample VH_Goliath.Materials.M_Goliath_Dark_Dirt_01:MaterialExpressionTextureSample_0 have duplicate NetIndex 1402
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionMultiply WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_WP_Avril_Ammo_fake_lit_Fallback:MaterialExpressionMultiply_11 and MaterialExpressionDepthBiasedAlpha WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionDepthBiasedAlpha_0 have duplicate NetIndex 1294
                    Error: Objects MaterialExpressionNormalize WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_WP_Avril_Ammo_fake_lit_Fallback:MaterialExpressionNormalize_3 and MaterialExpressionMeshEmitterVertexColor WP_AVRiL.Materials.M_Distortion_mesh:MaterialExpressionMeshEmitterVertexColor_0 have duplicate NetIndex 1312
                    Warning: Failed to load 'Class ServerAdvertsInt.UTMutator_ServerAdvertsInt': Failed to find object 'Class ServerAdvertsInt.UTMutator_ServerAdvertsInt'
                    Warning: Failed to load 'UTGamePlus': Can't find file for package 'UTGamePlus'
                    Log: Failed to load 'UTGamePlus': Can't find file for package 'UTGamePlus'

                    anyone else get these erros after updating to 013 ?
                    Still wonder why game keeps looking fo utgameplus package.
                    I thought it was from another invasion mod but i never installed in on this server


                      Yes, I get those errors as well. Do you ever load the other Invasion mod that was being worked. I think the UTGamePlus might be part of that....... Just a guess.


                        Originally posted by {UR}Scorpion View Post
                        Yes, I get those errors as well. Do you ever load the other Invasion mod that was being worked. I think the UTGamePlus might be part of that....... Just a guess.
                        i know and i did load it before, but i reinstalled UT3 server and never put it in there again.
                        Unless it was left somewhere in the INI's

                        Anyway, those errors started not with 013, they started with 012 after i installed biavote.


                          So is this for full version of the Galtanor's Invasion game/mod, or is their still more to come?


                            Sorry perhaps that explain somewhere (i don't find) but i have a ? before instal on a server :
                            - can we put on server a normal warfare and VCTF + for example a Galtanor's Invasion rpg ?


                              Ignore my request for small transparent radar, found out we can adjust minimap size in our ini, ive made mine a bit smaller for myself, its less distracting now

                              Just search defaultmapsize in ini.


                                So far things are looking very good. Have been able to play several maps this past weekend. I think I have made it as far as wave 14 with a few other players.

                                Things that I have noticed on our server that may not have anything to do with the mod and just our environment. If anyone else has noticed, please comment.

                                First, the download for the CH_DHRodents_GICH.upk took forever. The package had been compressed and posted on which I use as a redirect. I have not had much success so far with any of the UT3 downloads. Even the other packages, which are quite a bit smaller, are very slow. I think it must have taken 10 - 15 minutes for the Rodents package to download. Going to be a real killer for those not wanting to wait. If this is what you are seeing I would like to know and if not, maybe I can try some other locations. Any suggestions?

                                For package changes like this, would it be good to break them up into smaller chunks so that if there are changes? Maybe the whole thing does not have to be downloaded each time.

                                We also experienced quite a bit of lag as we got into waves above 10. Larger number of monsters, more graphic intensive types like the ElectricMouse, etc... Any tweaking anyone has done to help with this? Making it tough to play (and survive).

                                The strength, accuracy and range of the ElectricMouse ( I think this is the right one ) seems quite intense. Have been using Torlan a lot as a test map and halfway across the map, you dare not stick your head out in the open for long.

                                Possible changes:
                                1. Think Bushbomb has already requested this. The maps can last for a very long time. Too long. I am using a standard 16 wave (UT2K4 experience) as a measure. I think each wave should have some sort of a "duration" so that when reached, monsters die off, maybe you die off or some other option.
                                2. Bonus points for map win. Would be nice to get rewarded for completing the map, within the time limits. Should be adjustable. Mabye the win points could start reducing for those maps that go over the time limit. Would this be an RPG change?
                                3. In UT2K4 you get a nice warm glow when you level up? Could we have something similar to that? It also works well so that you can see others and extend congrats, etc... Again, would this be an RPG change?
                                4. Link Gun. You could team up (link) against monsters in 2K4. This was a nice feature and promoted teamwork. Players on team shared points when linking.
                                5. Artifacts. This possible for future versions. Monsters could drop artifacts when killed for power ups, health, ammo, maybe even give you the ability to change a magic weapon into another type.

                                Last question... The new patch that is in Beta, what are your thoughts on testing this? From what I have heard so far, sounds like server and client MUST be on the same and you might not be able to connect to others. Not a great time to introduce a patch with the contest going on.

                                Thanks very much for all your work once again!