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Galtanor's Invasion [Beta][Pics][Updated 10/26/2008][v022][Patch 1.3]

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    He mentions in the worklog that it only works with DM maps, next build might have CTF and WAR map additions.


      [Updated] [Bug Fix] [Feature Added]

      I have uploaded a new version to FileFront. (Same Link) The new zip file is All the files in it are named the same, just overwrite the old ones.

      A couple of notes:
      . I renamed some of the varibles to be more consistant with the internal format. If you have customized the wave manager ini file, I'm sorry, you will need to redo it. (Hopefully I will not need to do this again.)
      . I have (hopefully) fixed the game ending bug.
      . You now have the option to override the default health value of any of the monsters.
      For each of the monsters, there is an entry in the Monster Manager that looks like this:

      MonsterTable=(ClassName="GaltanorsInvasion.Monster HammerKrall",HeathModify=Modify_None,HealthValue=0 .0)

      You can change the HealthModify value to tell the game to override the health. Valid values are:
      - Modify_None - Does not change the default health
      - Modify_OverRide - Overrides the default health with a completely new value, specified in the HealthValue varible
      - Modify_Multiply - Multiplies the default health of the monster with the value specified in the HealthValue varible
      For example, to set the health of the Rocket Scientist to 1000, use this line:

      MonsterTable=(ClassName="GaltanorsInvasion.Monster RocketScientist",HeathModify=Modify_OverRide,Healt hValue=1000.0)

      Originally posted by Taboen View Post
      Nice start on Invasion.

      When you have been defeated, the game doesnt start over it just sits there doing nothing.
      Fixed: Its possible you were just seeing a long delay before the score page came up. I have shortened it and added it as a configuration option.

      Originally posted by DS3 View Post
      Great job, dude!
      But i have 2 things to complain:
      1 - "You've won the match" message when game is over
      2 - "Rocket scientis" name instead of scientist.

      And maybe add some more colors?
      Flack is IronGuard(they're yellow)
      Rocket is Ronin (they're red)
      Headhunter could be skeletons and hammer krall is nice
      1 - Yes, I have yet to customize the Win/Lose messages.
      2 - Yes, the name is too long. The game itself cuts of the last character... I thought it was funny, so I left it as it is.

      Just to clarify, are you asking me to retexture the skeletons to be different colors based on their weapon? If so, I will have to see if this is possible.

      Originally posted by eriFlleH View Post
      nice job on this!

      Question though, if I want to host it on my 32 slot server, how do I do this?
      I do not have much experience running servers for Unreal. It would probably work to specify it on the command line, by replacing the ?game=UTGame.UTTeamGame with ?game=GaltanorsInvasion.GaltanorsInvasion

      Originally posted by Giblet View Post
      If I can make a request, would it be possible to make an option for insta-Invasion so it takes more than one shot to kill some of the bigger monsters?

      Yes, I know insta-Invasion can be a lot of fun as it is, I've played enough of it but I do find it a bit lame that a few bugs can be more cause for alarm than load of warlords. A configurable option at an early stage of mod development can only be a good thing right?
      Done: There is never such a thing as too many options! =P

      Originally posted by View Post
      Everytime i select your mod in the filter, it only shows Deathmatch servers. Why?
      Yes... I am currently using a modified version of the default Bot AI. (I subclassed all the TeamAI, SquadAI, and UTBot classes.) There are a number of problems with using them for monster AI in a non-DM level... They still try to complete 'objectives' (taking over nodes, carrying orbs, etc.) It will take me a little while to clean out that part of the AI. It is in the works tho =P

      I will be very busy the next 2 days, but should be able work on this on Saturday. Have fun!


        Thanks for your work on this, I'm sure many people will appreciate it.

        In the interest of not typing the same thing over and over again, I am going to quote a post I made on another forum:

        Originally posted by Me
        I suppose I'll start things off here with some thoughts on Invasion.

        I enjoyed stock Invasion as a break from the fast paced regular UT gameplay. Instead of being a competitive, and sometimes frustrating fragfest, it offered the opportunity to work cooperatively with other players to wipe out rather simple AI opponents.

        The addition of RPG to Invasion made it very cool, but it also introduced a lot of problems which I think need to be addressed if plans are to go forward with creating an "Invasion" gametype for UT3.

        I think in the interests of improving "Invasion" for UT3, it's important to look at Monster Hunt for the original UT. Monster Hunt was the predecessor to Invasion, and in many ways superior to it. The only significant disadvantage that MH had compared to Invasion was that it actually required its own maps, thus it didn't come with a huge number of built in maps that were at least playable. Realistically, though, many maps were completely unsuitable for Invasion, and others required editing to support the playercounts and gameplay requirements of a typical Invasion server.

        Changing playercounts and pickups in a map is trivial, though, and were a MonsterHunt like system created, it would be rather trivial to recreate Invasion by placing monster factories throughout levels (or, better, have an option to automatically spawn monsters if none exist in the map) while adjusting the other elements of levels.

        What MonsterHunt brings to the table is simple: MonsterHunt allows mappers to control what sort of enemies are spawned, where, when they spawn and how many, and set an end conditions for the map. These are relatively small differences, but they make a world of difference.

        -A good invasion game is like playing DM-Generic, yet again, except this time only with monsters rather than people.
        -A good Monster Hunt game places you on the cliffs of Na Pali, where you are attacked by Skaarj soldiers facing off against you on a nearby cliff. You have few weapons, so you must take cover and make your way across rickety platforms to attack them. Once you defeat the soldiers you proceed forward and see an abandoned Nali castle -- And you just got your head sniped off by Skaarj snipers in the towers. Your teammates take out the snipers, but there is no way through the gate. You must enter a nearby cave to destroy the counterweights keeping the portcullis closed. Once the gate is open, you pass through the castle and see a gondola which takes you from cliff-level to the ground. You ride the gondola down and are presented with a Nali NPC who instructs you to find the three crystals he needs to open a gate ...Etc,etc... Eventually you come across the Skaarj Lord who is the boss of the level, and once your entire team has pummelled him for 5 minutes and his 50,000 HP is worn down, you have completed the level and go on to the next (which could even be a "sequel").*

        *Note, this is written up from memories of real Monster Hunt levels. It is not fictionalized, though it has been a few years since I played it.

        By allowing mappers to control spawning of monsters, mappers can control both the flavor and the gameplay of their level. If I have a level in a Liandri factory, I may want robot opponents exclusively to attack you. If I have a level in a Necris stronghold, I may want exclusively Necris opponents to attack you. I can set up scenarios where players must defend a position against oncoming enemies, or where players must attack entrenched enemies, or situations where players must complete other objectives while under fire. Monster Hunt challenges need not even be based on combat. Many Japanese Monster Hunt maps played more like platformers, requiring skillful jumping challenges to proceed in levels. In the example I gave above, opening the portcullis was a [simple] puzzle, but more complex ones can also be made.

        Just a short time ago on these forums I saw mention of including extremely hard enemies in Invasion, but because, by default, Invasion has such rudimentary controls, this isn't really a good idea. Monster Hunt, because it allows mappers to have control over how many enemies may appear, allows you to have those boss fights against one or a few really tough enemies that can withstand sustained fire from twenty people simultaneously.

        Anyway, that's enough typing for me. I hope those of you who are looking into bringing Invasion back will take the time to consider the huge benefit of looking into bringing back these sorts of elements for UT3.


          great job man! i sent you a PM


            I am making a mod aswell to my question is, how do I make it show only servers running my mod in the server browser? Right now it shows all servers.


              Nice start. Now all we need is more monsters.


                the ?game=GaltanorsInvasion.GaltanorsInvasion worked, however it does't seem to accept the map rotation or voting settings and some of the monsters (the lizard ones, whatever they are) don't attack, just the skellies do.

                Nice work on this so far, it has a lot of potential!


                  I cant wait for more monster is coming

                  took some ingame screenshot
                  both monster attack for me
                  we need "Rader"
                  can you make Skull's player model version too?
                  they are coming !!!


                    very cool mod this mod i gonna love im pretty sure of


                      Great job Love the mod


                        this is a gametype i need, we made a custom version of it for our UT2004 mod, it would be great if we could use/borrow with credit given of coarse, any way good job so far i'll keep watching


                          i try to make a server and all people enter in spec and i close the spec slot

                          i dont know whats append


                            Good work on the Mod dude. I hope Epic picks up on the interest of this Mod.


                              Thank yo for this mod


                                upload to another site please filefront links dosent work for me for some rason