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DM-Towers [Alpha] [Screenshots]

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    DM-Towers [Alpha] [Screenshots]

    Im making a DM/TDM Map - It will feature high speed action, jumps and varied layout. The map size will be about the same as Deck(17).

    Here are some screenshots of the work sofar!

    Overview 1:

    Overview 2:

    Opinions, ideas - all are welcome

    The bottom will feature a kill volum, around the path down there, most likely lava in order to make things abit more "intresting", Its possible it will be a necris theme to it all though, in which case there may be goo instead.

    Atm I am going for stone tower/castle style though.

    I might add teleporters on the lower floor up to top of the towers, but I think the jumppad down there will be enough. Feel free to give input on that!

    Again, theme, gameplay, geometry, obstacle input is welcome

    Check out DM-Ser3nitY for one of my other maps!

    If your an experienced DM/TDM player wanting to test out the map in Alpha-state, send me a PM and we'll sort it out.

    High speed action, jumps? Count me in! Looking good so far.


      Sounds promising! Can't wait to see some more pictures.

      BTW: I think a Necris themed map would be really cool.


        Looking good so far? There is nothing to _see_ so far!
        What you can see from the floorplan atm looks to symetric and to z-axis oriented. There need to be more flat areas where you can dodge but not such flat areas like the ground which gives no cover.

        If I interpret that what I'm seeing right, you definetly need to do something about the floorplan.

        greetz Stryke