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CTF-BoS-Egyptian -- instagibers only

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  • CTF-BoS-Egyptian -- instagibers only

    Its a classic UT99 MAP i tryed to duplicated the look and feel of the original props to ~BoS~Mission-Z for the idea and creation of the ut99 map. this is a duplication of a classic Ctf Instagib map port with all the textures and scale hope you enjoy.

    You Can upload this to your server .....

    Delete V1-V3 if you got it or you might have a version mismatch

    V4 Released

    link is here V4

    Q Why didn't you put anything new in this map.
    A I wanted to stay with the classic look.

    Q Your map has no weapons are you going to add any.
    A Nope its a instagib map why should i add clutter to it.

    Q Your Map Sucks. not really a question but theses post are stupid
    A Something like this isn't helping me and you just wasted your life posting something useless

    Q Why didn't you add those cool new textures.
    A Old textures are good enough.

    Q Omg your map has only 4 corners.
    A Because its a instagib map lawl for the noob.


    it may look better on your computer i am running it on the lowest settings, list the bugs you see.

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    Nice, I loved this map since its early days in UT99', though I would have to say, since the speed of the game has been ramped up, I say scale the map a wee-bit bigger and then its perfect for an insta-gib gore fest!


    • #3
      Lol I enjoyed your FAQ, it really answered all of my questions.


      • #4
        Only complaint is that its hard to get out of the water.


        • #5
          water should be fixed now


          • #6
            update coming soon here is the original if noone ever seen it scale had to be changed sence everything is bigger


            • #7
              V4 Released Delete V1-V3 if you got them or you will have a version mismatch issue new screenshot is being uploaded


              • #8
                Hey, this is mission Z the original creator.. I'm thinking of remaking this map to fit the standards of todays graphics... sometime in the new year. I'm going to make one that's pretty much the same as the old one or else people will get mad but I'm also hoping to make a newer style one for fun. Anyways, I wanted to get the opinion of people who care.

                For the revamped original one, should I make the ground flat, or should I make it sand dune ish... if that makes any sense...


                • #9
                  that would be great to see, i like the flat look myself


                  • #10
                    im more of a fan of sand dune...that is if im imagining what you are talking about correctly...I like a little extra feel and realism that an uneven floor ads


                    • #11
                      Someone should remake CivialWar and BadNeighbors


                      • #12
                        Pretty cool map for a frag fest, one of the most popular of 99. Make sure the final doesn't have a version number.


                        • #13
                          Ohh civil war would be a fun one to remake!


                          • #14
                            Bathrooms and BoostHaevin as well.

                            Maybe FacingAsses too.

                            Your map looks really cool. As soon as i get ZP (it is a fact that somebody will code it sooner or later) im gonna test it online.