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DM-Rez-Arena-2k7 Low Grav-IG

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    DM-Rez-Arena-2k7 Low Grav-IG

    I've been trying to play UT series games for a long time now. This is the first map I have ever made. Beta. The final will have tune to it. My problem is, I don't know what to slap on it. Metal. Or hard rock.

    Anyhoo, give it a try. There are two flaws in the map. You will not notice them. Slight goof in alignment of a mesh then duplicated. Band name get added to title for final version. All stock mats etc.

    Download: REZ-Arena-2k7

    only thing i would suggest is to drop the floor down by a inch or 2, double jump in low grav and you still cant get the the upper deck. Only trans will get you there. unless this was your intention then nevermind


      On the panty raid server you can jump up to the second level perfectly in low grav. Not much room to spareBut fear not for quad jump mut will help the lazy finger.

      Karma remember pacman? Who made that? It made me very angry. Mole loved it though for some unknown reason.


        i was never really into pac man, but ummm was the *** at the time who made that?

        i dont remember


          I played it just messing around to see on getting files from servers.

          The map file is about 5 mg and I think there was also a recoded trans but I got the files from that server I believe uncompressed direct dowload so it took awhile bit it did work.

          I played in this map against 1 bot and it was fun!

          This kind of map and set up has allways been common in Unreal since the start for simple and easy fragging low G IG trans ect.

          The point is though that it worked as simple as it is but also since its not complex many can play it and get good FPS ect.

          And BTW I dont even play DM im totally VCTF!


            One thing that I can suggest to fix, is scale the main floor area better. It's very repeated looking right now. And maybe put like a big pillar or something in the middle. Other than that, it'd be an okay IG map.



              To top the floor off I need to fix the lighting right off the outside. Speaking of floors I need to fix the floor on this map too: