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    Serenity X

    Beta 1

    Requires UT3 (duh).

    Tested in Single Player. The bots are passable. It may take them a while, but eventually they'll go everywhere and do everything.

    Multiplayer is untested.

    Epic's Serenity_Necris with extra nodes and vehicles for more variety and mayhem.

    I made the following adjustments:
    • Turned the secondary bases by the caves into standalone nodes. South node (Red's side) spawns a Goliath, Paladin and Scorpion, north spawns a Darkwalker and two Scavengers.
    • Added nodes in the woods where the conveyor belts cross the streams. South spawns a SPMA and a Cicada, north spawns a Nightshade and a Scavenger.
    • Added nodes by the waterfalls between the bases and the big tarydium mine. South spawns a Paladin and a Scorpion, north spawns a Nemesis and a Scavenger.
    • Added a node to the cave in the center of the cliffs, by the Redeemer. Spawns a Scorpion and a Scavenger.
    • Added a deployable Energy Shield to a remote corner by each base and an deployable EMP Mine above the center node.
    • Added a Raptor to the Red base and a Fury to the Blue base.
    My design goals were threefold:
    1. Get rid of the choke setup. Two paths lead to the core, and standalone nodes provide extra vehicles and forward spawn points.
    2. Make better use of Epic's excellent mapping real estate. The extra nodes bring the entire east side of the forest into play.
    3. Mix up the vehicles. Half the vehicles were missing from the map. While I don't necessarily agree that every map should contain every vehicle, variety always seems to feel best.
    These changes are obviously a matter of personal taste. I like being able to choose between various angles of attack.

    I am a n00b mapper and not aspiring to learn how to map properly, but if I can improve on the following stuff in a simple manner, then please tell me all about it:
    • Balance. Vehicle loadout is slightly different for each side. Feels about right to me.
    • Any areas you still wouldn't go to? Any pickups I could place there to make it worth the detour?
    • Any way I can reduce the ridiculous file size?
    • Any way I can improve bot behavior?

    Epic for making the map.
    Me for adapting the map. Which was like 0.02% of the overall effort.

    SerenityXBeta.rar (MediaFire)
    (70 megs... yup)

    Installation instructions provided in the Readme in the download.