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CTF-Griever [Final]Download! [Pics][UPDATED again]

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    Originally posted by Sabo View Post
    Sorry Anuban, I guess I got a little bored of making this map. Had a break for a week or so I didn't realize anyone had replied to this thread since my last post :|.

    What are your thoughts on the hole that goes through from the rockets/stinger?
    Please re-assure me about it, I'm worrying whether it's a good idea to keep it or not.

    Other than that I'm pretty close to releasing the final. Very similar to Beta 3. And I don't plan on changing the textures in the middle. Infact, I'll release the final today if i don't find anything wrong with it. And you tell me that the hole is good

    Denk: Thanks for the support!
    I think that it is a good idea ... it makes the gameplay more dynamic and that is always a good thing. Glad to see you are going to finish this baby up. I really liked it and wanted to have it as part of my final collection.


      bump for final version :d


        I'd like to give Sabo a special thanks for a very well done map.