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CTF-Griever [Final]Download! [Pics][UPDATED again]

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    CTF-Griever [Final]Download! [Pics][UPDATED again]

    Name: CTF-Griever

    Version: FINAL

    Compatibility: UT3

    Changes from beta 3: Not a lot, a bit of bot pathing and lighting iirc

    Description: Taken from the map description: Description=Liandri were building an underground shopping center dedicated to merchandise related to the tournament but half way through building it they thought "WTF R WE DOING LOL" and turned it into a capture the flag arena.

    Comments: This is the final version of my first UT3 map.
    Map is fully pathed for bots.

    Screenshots: [UPDATED - BETA 3] - Final looks the same.
    Links dead

    More screenshots:
    Links dead

    Map Music by Dj Graf

    Homepage: none

    [size=5]Download: [UPDATED]FINAL DOWNLOAD!:
    Link dead - google it

    [updated - Final]
    To Do: nothing

    Looks good - the transition in color between the red and blue area is a bit unexpected; when you walk through the amp room, the color of the screen changes from red to blue or vice versa but the rest of the environment doesn't really indicate that this is going to happen. I'd add some visual hints that the player is now entering the red or blue area so the change in color doesn't come as a "surprise" or that it happens for no apparent reason. For example, when someone enters an area that clears looks like a bio facility, it feels normal/acceptable that the screen changes to a greenish color.


      I hardly notice the transition on my computer, maybe your monitor has higher contrast or something - it was meant to be a subliminal effect . You do bring up a good point though, from the middle it is a little unclear which base is which..hmm. Thanks.

      edit: I've set the bases to red/blue and the middle to neutral. Will upload beta 2 if I make enough changes (come on people, suggest some!)


        Bump.. Come on, does no one even think anything at all about this map? If you're not commenting because it's perfect, TELL ME FS! :P


          As stated before, the base identification could be way better. All that happen to me is I get lost once I try to cap the flag. The middle is a giant grey maze.


            Thank you, I'll work on it.

            I'd like some opinions on item placement etc. any CTF pros around here?


              not I =d i'm more of a an AS/DM/everythingexceptCTF kinda guy


                Originally posted by VerteX View Post
                not I =d i'm more of a an AS/DM/everythingexceptCTF kinda guy
                But did you check the map? Otherwise, what's the use of posting that


                  I like what I see so far, I just downloaded.... I will give some feedback later after a few hours of playing


                    hours? woah thanks.


                      Sabo, I will play it a bit more, but my first thought is too many items TOO close together.

                      Your road blocks and placement items are also a bit erratic, I find that they are great for defensive movement, but it really slows down the pace.

                      The extra Damage Modifier is WAY too easy to get too and the helmet is WAY too hard to get too. I would also like to see the alley ways be a bit darker making you feel you are really deep in the city, which would make the lighted areas really stand out.


                        hardness/easyness to get doesn't really matter when you've got the enemy team to worry about - the extra helmet in the middle inside the crate is just an extra reward for going all that way for the redeemer i guess

                        Do you think i should replace the damage amp with a keg?

                        or maybe replace the shield belt with a keg?


                          I also want to comment on that Pane of glass you have hanging in the air..... half of me loves it, the other have hates you.....

                          When you first jump and hot the glass, you like


                            I changed the glass into a more visible force-field texture now :- )


                              Actually Sabo, I had a great idea. Put the glass back. Have a small platform raised up in the air where the damage Modifier is between two Pane's of glass. Add Jump boots somewhere to get up to get it.

                              The corridor's are a bit small for the redeemer.