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Personal Shock System [NOW Version 1.1]

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    It did, a long time ago...


      Let's say it's undead atm Thanks Buffy for the screenshots, as always you rock !
      I've been very busy these months but now i am free !
      So, can you tell me what do you want to be added, tweaked, configable?


        maybe a few nice configurable options would be that you can have it replace any weapon you like
        maybe changing the weaponmodel would look better [shock rifle model?]?
        ...testing the weapon again ...

        i just gave the PSS a full test run, here are some improvements:
        -i recommend you do not make it the default weapon when you start, this is quite annoying [when you picking up and switching to other weapons]
        -the range of the ALT Fire could be make bigger, because when you shoot now, kill yourself very fast > you almost need to aim directly up to get a proper shot
        -the mesh of the alt fire should be changed, since it doesnt really fit to the plasma gun stuff from the PSS [maybe a shock ball would be nice?]
        -when you switch to the PSS, it says: Weapon < you might wanna change that
        -when you get killed by the PSS, it says youre killed by a paladin, you might want to change this to PSS, or Personal Shock System
        -changing the name for the mutator would be nice, so you have Personal Shock System, instead of PSS
        -maybe you can set the weapon at #3 [biorifle], since that weapon is almost never used... [the biorifle model would look nice on the PSS, with blue lights instead of green maybe? < would be f*ing awesome!]

        i hope this helps you


          Thank you very much Coreper ! Anyway i made some changes BEFORE reading your comments. Weapon and ammo names are now correct as for the damage type. (Oh btw you should use the weapon replacer...)
          Could you check the new version please?
          I am going to make a version 1.2 according to your comments
          Thanks again !

          PS :

          Originally posted by Coreper View Post
          [the biorifle model would look nice on the PSS, with blue lights instead of green maybe? < would be f*ing awesome!]
          I don't know how to do that :'(


            im downloading it right now

            btw: dont you know how to change the lights on the weapon, or how to change the model to the biorifle's model?


              I don't know how to modify the lights on the weapon...


                oh ok, i think that has to do with the model and stuff
                maybe i can find a way to change it > EDIT: i had a quick search, but couldnt find it...

                i just had a test run:
                -i recommend that if you let the PSS replace a weapon, that it should be positioned on the replaced weapon's position, and not on the position of the flak cannon
                -using the weapon replacer is a option which i dont like: i recommend you make an own weapon replacer for the PSS: a mutator [Personal Shock System] which you can configure: which weapon it should replace
                -and if you have replaced a weapon, it would be nice to have the PSS in the default weapon lineup, so it is not nessecary to have the weapon in the map itself
                -i noticed that when i carry the PSS, i can see my playermodel's hand: like it is above the weapon, i tried switching a few times, but it didnt dissappear
                -i like the new alt fire
                -did you increase the damage? i do have that feeling: it would be nice if you could decrease te damage a bit, so it will do like 80 damage > now a tank is destroyed within 3 shots...


                  About the hand displayed, i'm aware of that, it's written in my first post I don't yet how to debug that.
                  As for the damage, that's strange because i've lowered the damage and the splash of primary fire, and decreased projectile velocity as you said.