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    Originally posted by TheRalfZer0 View Post
    Static Meshes look awsome, but how do I apply the the right meterial to it, is there a way to convert it to brush and back to static mesh???
    In order to add material:

    Originally posted by Cosmix View Post
    Nice program!

    I have same problems with static meshes and the right positioning. Also some meshes are not scaled right.
    Yes, scale info were not ported yet, will be on next version

    Originally posted by Cosmix View Post
    Why some static mesh packages are exported and some not? What about the static meshes that are contained in the map itself (myLevel)? They dont export for the moment.
    In order to export maps to .t3d files, the program is using /System/Ucc.exe program. For some unknown reason it cannot export all staticmeshes sometimes :/
    As for the staticmeshes contained in the map itself, will be fixed in next version.

    Which map are you trying to convert so i can see what's wrong?

    Originally posted by Cosmix View Post
    For the terrain. Its easy to manually ex- and import the heightmap of terrain to UT3. It would be nice if your program can re-texture it and restore decolayers position.

    Keep up the good work!
    Yes for next-next version

    Thx for support!


      Fixed: StaticMesh texturing
      Fixed: StaticMesh rotation (partially, some staticmeshes are well places, others not,... :/)

      Still to do:
      Multi-materials on SM don't work for the moment :/


        Epic should hire you for this piece of work

        I try to convert a map i made last year. The name is ONS-Bionyx.

        If you can really make the terrain import (or texturing) available would be nice.


          please make it 64bit compatible , ut2004s (x64) ucc called ucc-win64


            All this tool needs now is terrain, i'm just dying to try convert bioneyx or the old torlan.


              Hi, everybody I tiring to convert CTF-Face classic from UT2004 problem is that if I click to convert then the program just give me some errors. Can somebody help me? If somebody have converted this map please send it to my email thanks.
              P.S- Sorry for bad English.


                Originally posted by oqix View Post
                Hi, everybody I tiring to convert CTF-Face classic from UT2004 problem is that if I click to convert then the program just give me some errors. Can somebody help me? If somebody have converted this map please send it to my email thanks.
                P.S- Sorry for bad English.
                that would be better if u tell us which errors you have


                  New version:
                  V0.18: Completely Fixed StaticMesh rotation!

                  After quite some hours i noticed that the staticmeshe problem (bad rotation) was due to .ase format which is using different axis direction :/. But now it's working very good as you can see here:

                  Now there is still the problem of multi-materials for same staticmeshes (only one material being rendered).

                  If you have ever used .ase files to import staticmeshes with UT2004 editor and that you have kept multi-material info, please send me some .ase file so i can check what's wrong.
                  Here's a mesh (6 faces)i ported to .ase with UT3 converter:
                  Original mesh:

                  If someone knows a little about .ase format plz tell me what's wrong with multi-material info .

                  Third point is Terrains:
                  I don't think it will possible to port terrain since the heightmap texture exported is not grayscale :/


                    Thx for new version, last (0.17) didnt work at my pc and gave me no output file.
                    EDIT: Strange, since v0.17 I cant convert static meshes. There is no output file if I select the Box. I tried with v0.1 again and this works fine. Everythink else (brushes, textures) still works fine. (Only one instance of your converter is running at same time and jave is updated to newest version)

                    I know an ase exporter for Blender that uses multi material and manage it perfectly.
                    You can download the script here:
                    Maybe you can adopt some ideas to your converter.
                    There is also a tutorial but its german:

                    For the terrain you can give us the possibility to put a greyscale heightmap in some defined folder maybe? I think main problem for mappers is not to import the heightmap. Re-texture and place Deco layers in the right position is much difficulter.


                      Just found how to add multi-materials info to staticmeshes, need to create one objectmodel for each material (instead of making one whole 3dobject with all materials).
                      Working on it now.


                        WOW!! I go away for two whole days to deal with some "Real Life" issues and look what happens! Thanks again for all the hard work on creating this cool little tool. Will get back to ya in a bit after I get version 0.19 installed and have a chance to play with it a bit.


                          New important version: v0.2
                          Fixed: StaticMeshes not being shown after rebuild
                          Fixed: Light Color info reset to white after rebuild
                          Improved lightning
                          Added: Multi-material staticmeshes support!
                          Sample Map: AS-Temple-of-Trials-v4 (Assault/Trials UT2004 map ported to UT3 in about 30 min (conversion,import,rebuild):


                            XtremeXP, you are simply amazing, thanks dude, I'm getting a new screencard tomorrow (Geforce 7950 2x 512MB) and i'll let you know o those "black-walls" if port a UT99 map to UT3, I have a funnt feeling it is my screencard messing around?!?

                            even with this new version, I'm still getting those darn "black-walls"


                              Your develpoing is too fast for me!
                              I just sorted out some good examples of blender exported multimaterial ase files and now its v2.0! If you need this files anymore, let me know.
                              I will test new version within the day. thx!

                              EDIT: Works!


                                Ok, I had some time to try some things and here's what I found.


                                I have a map that contains textures for static meshes and the level in one custom package (i.e. Bpo-Materials.utx), mylevel.utx and various UT2004 packages. Textures in UT2004 packages appear to translate fine. Stuff in mylevel.utx and Bpo-Materials.utx has an interesting problem. The converter log file appears to be converting textures but the program seems to not be building an output directory for these textures. Net effect is I can't seem to locate these converted textures so map and static meshes have problems with their materials.

                                Note: Just an aside but mylevel.utx might contain a material sequence for UT2004 maps. This is usually used to create a map PREVIEW animation that you see when you when you select your levels. This is nothing more than a series of textures with some information about time delays and fading information between pictures. I don't know if this will cause you some trouble so you might want to watch out for this one.

                                Static Meshes

                                This seems to be working pretty well. I still have some meshes that don't have proper translation (i.e. in my case it appears to be on the z axis. Height came in as zero when it should have been say +768 or something like that.

                                Mesh texturing not correct. Probably do to the fact that the mesh uses textures from my custom texture package Bpo-Materials.utx

                                Note: Another aside issue, and its a funny one. My level uses meshes for city streets, billboards, fire escapes and ladders to name a few. When I fired up the level in the UT3 editor I had bots and people walking thru the streets since there was no collision models for these meshes. hehe, that gave me a good laugh.

                                You want want to include a short description on how to create a collision mesh in UT3 with you converter. It's pretty simple. Go to the package and click on the mesh. Select mesh editor (i.e. I think this is a right click item). Once in the editor I found that for most things you can use the first option (i.e. 6 DOP Simplified Collision) and things work well for box like shapes. Interesting enough, I had a street ramp that climbs +256 units and that mesh required the Auto convex collision option with the automatic settings used. This took about 5-10 minutes to build collision meshes for about 30 custom meshes in the DM-Bpo-Fragtown-Hillsdale package (i.e. My map package).

                                Some thoughts for future versions of converter

                                When you have some time you might want to add the conversion of flag bases for red and blue teams and teamplayer start positions. This will allow people to begin to try converting over CTF maps.

                                Thanks again for a wonderful tool. Great Job! You are the Java Master!!