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  • DM-Shaft

    This is my first post(Yay!) and my first map for UT3. I'll upload pics in my next post, but for the mean time, a description and file:

    The map has three levels, a basement/storage area, a generator/lift operation floor, and a bit of snowy terrain with slippery frozen water on top. The map is fairly tight, except for the top which is a bit larger. There is also a Stinger turret in the basment, but the basement has a lot of crap in it so you can't totally dominate with it.

    Get it here-->(Updated)(Betav3)

  • #2
    map music is fairly easy, ok first convert your music to a standard wav file, then inport into unreal.

    a option pops up make sure you set to auto create cue file

    click ok

    now right click on the open space in the actor window and select to create new mapmusic

    Once you do that, link your custom cue file to all the tracks for music types inside the map music properties

    Then right click on the cue file and break the chain between atten and the speaker and add a looper in between and reconnect the chain.

    now select the mapmusicinfo in actor browser that you created earlyer and set the world info to use that

    If you want to use epic music its the same process except your not inporting your just linking to there music packages.

    Btw im not a great teacher i hope this helps tho


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      ^Thx for the help, Ill try that. Here are pics.

      And I found that flip'n lighting problem on my sheet again. is there any way to make it unlit?


      • #4
        wow that looks unreal.... great job dude


        • #5
          ...I was making a map called Shaft! Lol, I better start thinking of a new name..

          Nice pics, btw.


          • #6
            Looks pretty cool. A step away from all the dark brown grungy maps.


            • #7
              C'mon guys gimme some help and map testing. I really don't want to move on before I polish up this map.


              • #8
                I'll try it, give me a little bit.


                • #9
                  looks good. Will test in a moment


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Jagnot View Post
                    ...I was making a map called Shaft! Lol, I better start thinking of a new name..

                    Nice pics, btw.
                    Call it "Weeh chikka woew shkka shkka shkka wow" like the Shaft intro music


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                      @ Jonny: Lol.

                      K, I just tested it out. It looks ok, but I ran into a few gameplay problems.

                      The center area at the bottom, when I tried to run out of it I would occasionally get stuck on the round "thing" (for lack of a better name).

                      Also, I couldn't figure out how to get out of the lower level! At one point all of the other bots were on top, and me and the bots on my team were stuck on bottom... :\

                      There were a couple things that stuck out of the walls that felt awkward running by...

                      Try removing the generators in the corners by the lifts, I think it'll give some much needed space.

                      Waiting patiently for the next version.


                      • #12
                        K, thx for the feedback, I knew I should've made that "round thing" no collision. oh and at the bottom there should be a green button on one of the posts, perhaps I should put it on both sides. I'm currently experienceind some LOD texture popping that is quite severe, working out the kinks. Oh yeah and in the area with the generators, maybe some trims and wires on the walls instead?


                        • #13
                          Yeah, if you took out the generators and added some wires/other deco to the walls I think it would be better.


                          • #14
                            Alright, things are coming along pretty good. I have almost finished up with the fixes and will be releasing a new version soon.


                            • #15
                              fun map and with enough players it get pretty hectic in a good way when the teams are on opposit levels. After the fixes I'm going to be playing this one a lot. My only real complaint was the not really knowing how to get to the different levels but now I know so no biggy.