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DM-DeadSimple - DL link, Final Beta, latest pics.

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    DM-DeadSimple - DL link, Final Beta, latest pics.

    Name: DM-DeadSimple

    Version: final beta, candidate to final version.
    Compatibility: UT3

    Description: Dead Simple map from Doom remake.

    Comments: Small map I am doing to learn assets from Asian style. This is almost finished map. All I need to do is music and splash screen.

    Things changed since last beta:

    - fixed bug with blocking volume

    - hopefully fixed all bugs with meshes, but "select all SM" and then change its property does not apply to all of them somehow.

    - new weapon/item placment: sniper, mini, link shock in inner corridor, rocket in middle, flak+bio in outer street

    - new dynamic lights (that can be shoot) are placed in inner corridor.

    - statues near water can be shoot off (canned for now). this may be back in final if i can setup triggers and make them not as heavy.

    - added secret room (behind gate) with UDamage. It uses complicated trigger, setting which took me 3 days. Look at last 2 pics. You need shoot that bell near statues then it activates door to udamage (last pic). Bots "do not know" about bell so they do not give up secret. But once open they are happy to snag your UDamage, so be fast or be dead.

    Things to do for final:
    - 2 water splash triggered emitters behind those shootable statues (this if i succeed with making them, or more triggering volume by falling KActor)
    - splash screen and music.


    Credits: ID software for old fragging mayhem map.

    Homepage: There is no link


    wow that looks really good!


      Looks good yeh; the area around the building feels a bit too wide though.


        nice one awesome oldschool map


          Looks good, but as someone else said, there seems to be some wasted space along the outer sides.


            Bump, some new pictures and updated status. Beta should be released tomorrow, but if only I can edit this forum from home, or link trick works.

            Space around building is smaller, and outside wall replaced with eyecandy.

            Map is missing volumes and sounds atm. Weapon and ammo placement need some work. I am thinking about some powerup or redeemer inside big gate, (orginal had BFG in secret room) but adding such stuff on small map is not what i like.


              Nice looking map!

              I think I'll load it up and just hang by the lanterns all day.


                It's a little TOO "deadsimple," but *gasp* it's colorful. Nice job on using a decent texture package.


                  These new screenshots are quite an improvement


                    latest screens are looking awesome

                    nice job


                      Very nice, but those tiles on the ground look more 2d then the ones ingame.. bumpmaps?


                        Beta released, and I still have trouble with editing.


                          In general the map is quite good.Maybe its my pc,but i didnt face any gfx problems like this on any other map. It looks like this at the moment
                          Also i think a map like this should have sniper rifle as well,dunno why you didnt include it..


                            WOOT! A colorful UT3 map! Good job, but the level is way to simple, that is of course unless you were doing that on purpose.


                              I found out what causes that bug, you play in low detail, and all missing meshes were set to high. Ill fix it in next release.

                              And I welcome all weapon placment suggestions.