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DM-Opposition Beta 1

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  • DM-Opposition Beta 1

    Hey everyone,

    This is my first map in the editor, but I'm having quite a lot of fun with it playing against the bots.

    Description: A tight factory environment that's ready to show it doesn't necessarily take the Liandri corporation to get a good battlefield going.

    Suggested Players: 2-4

    DM-Opposition Beta 1


    Now for some questions. How do I add music to it? I've meddled in the world settings panel, and found the add music thingie, but it won't let me add music ( even after I imported some of the stock music into the generic actor browser ). Anyone have a step-by-step procedure for this?
    Secondly, how do I go about adding that preview image for the ingame map selection. I've seen in the .ini file for the map that there's a line: PreviewImageMarkup=<Images:UI_FrontEnd_Art.GameTyp es.DeathMatch>
    I need to change that but to what and how do I import a screenshot of my map to link it to in the ini?


    I hope you like the map and if there are no serious errors, design, lighting or gameplay issues, I'm placing it in the Full Releases. Hope to get some comments!

    Some screenshots:

    - Frag on, people.

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    I think it's a fine for a first map: it's detailed and it looks ok

    Now some constructive criticism: while you've placed quite a few static meshes in there, it's still noticeable that the map is basically a box with stuff in it (and one corridor near it). I'd add some more rooms/corridors next time to take away the box-feeling.


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      Looks good man, great job for your first map.


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        Everyone's custom maps are looking like doom 3, I really can't wait for that sun-shiny mario map to get remade.

        This map looks okay, it's a little tight in some areas, but I like having things to duck behind.


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          Thanks a lot, glad you think it's a good first try. I'm going to try my hand at more complex level designs, and I'll be sure to post them here.

          So is this ready for Full Release? After, of course someone tells me why I can't add the music to it and the ini preview image thing. Maybe there's some tutorial for this, I pretty much figured everything out by myself ( I should have bought that Collector's Edition, but too late now ).


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            its not bad at all freespace


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              I don't think anyone's figured out how to add the preview image. And to add music, there's two options.

              1. Convert one of your own songs into .wav format and import it to the editor, put it in your package, then add it to your map just like an actor.

              2. Go into your browser window in the editor and choose sound waves, and find one you like, then you just add it like an actor

              Keep in mind, it has a radius too, like a light, in case you only want the music to affect a small part of the map..


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                wow man that looks cool! i dont really like this dark theme, but ok.
                and on the last picture blue player looks like TEDDY BEAR LOL