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    DM-Fasterfrag-ULTIMATE [Download] [Pics] [Info]

    Fasterfrag is a fast-gameplay-map made for some DM fun. This is the 3rd edition (ULTIMATE) of this level, and the most advanced of three. It lookslike the UT2004 version I made, but it has much more to offer.

    The basic of the map is the same, but there are some new game elements which makes this map much better and funnier then his previous one. I made the map a little smaller, which is better I believe. But now you can walk on the edge of the map (if you know how to get there) and shoot everyone from above if you like.

    One of the biggest fun-factor is the new secret room. It's well hidden, but findable if you realy want to. When you're in the room, everything which is "super" is in there. The Redeemer, all the powerups, armor and health. From the secretroom you can choose two teleporters. One goes to the new roof and the other to the corner in the center of the map.

    When you are fully loaded with everything possible, it will give you alot of pleasure to fire off that ultra-loaded redeemer, believe me..

    There are also 2 rocket-gun-turrets on the roof of the first tunnel. This turrets will give you some fun, but you can't camp in there since they are pretty easly destroyable and they are in a place where they can take fire from all the corners in the map (to keep it balanced..) I tried it and it's realy fun to have them in the level.

    I tried to use a different style then any other map in UT3. I did want the map to be colorful, but not to happy. I hope it worked out and you guys like it. Remember that this is not a beautycontest. It's made for the gameplay mainly.

    This is the beta release. It is a very far stated beta.

    Things to do:
    • Add custom music
    • Tweak the glass a little
    • If someone has a good suggestion, add it to the map or change it
    • Release the final version

    Here are some screenshots:

    Reached the maximum number of images:


    To install: Unpack the file to /Mygames/Unreal Tournament 3/UTgame/Published/CookedPC/CustomMaps/ and select it from the map list (DM)

    If you have suggestions or comment, please post...

    once the PS3 version comes out will u make it compatible with that. Bcuz i'm getting it for PS3 and this looks like a great map


      errr a square map with a hell's load of powerups? Guys, watch the MSUC movie "The Editor Has You", it's all perfectly explained there


        |These are the maps i miss that we are missing in ut3 from 2004 keep it up but dont go to over the top