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Please help making small DM map Templeoftime (pics)

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    Please help making small DM map Templeoftime (pics)

    I learned myself modeling and basic mapping, but because i do this for hobby and dont expect to have a job
    in computer graphics ever i think it is a sin to let this go to waste on my hard drive.

    I would really like to find someone who is enthiousiastic about this to to do it for is own fun but any help is appreciated.

    Its a model i recreated from a very old game, if noone is enthiousatic i would like to add a download link here so
    maybe someone in the future has use of it.

    here some pics i would add a video maybe soon.
    i have not much time because of my work so this is why i ask help from someone, i do this only for the community to
    give something back from all the help i have had from people on forums.

    i have to restart my pc because alot of stuff is on windows xp and my windows7 partition is full.

    if you search google for temple of time you immediatly get all good results.
    what i have done is make the entire temple of time in Maya and imported in Unreal Tournament 3 with materials added. I woul like to make a small map from it with the outside to walk around and with the jumpboots you can enter the backside of the temple or something,
    i am not good in lighting, i dont know how to finish it of in UT3.
    i would be awsome to have the light fall into the temple and window frames and just a simple good basic gameplay by placing the weapons and pickups on good places.

    i made a sepperate .upk package so maybe someone can tell me where the best place is to upload for download.
    in the package i have all models that are related to the temple and the temple itself.

    i hope you understand i just imported and placed it into a tesmap i use for exercise.

    it seems i can only enter 1 image or i do something wrong? on this forum. I never understand.

    the picture are not visible. UT3 is not complicated but if the model is outside (ASE format) static mesh. I would like to see his project and wants to design


      oke thank you very much for your reaction, sorry for my not so perfect english. Some time has passed since i was into making stuff so i have to adjust somethings for my pc has a dualboot.(i cant seem to play a map i made from within the game itself although i place it in the Published folder)
      have to dualboot in my windows xp installation and try the Unreal installation there.

      i tried uploading the ASE of the temple on itself so i hope i can upload it here;

      i really have a problem with forums and adding pictures it seems, but i try again.
      pictures from imagevenue (i never know wich links to paste to get it to show on the forum as picture, admin help would be really appreciated)

      upk package;


        unlock collision Ase format :

        Click image for larger version

Name:	CastleCollisionASE.jpg
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Size:	72.2 KB
ID:	3251116

        Click image for larger version

Name:	CastleCollisionASE2.jpg
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Size:	69.8 KB
ID:	3251117

        nice model


          Thanks for the compliment.

          checking those 3 boxes does not seem to work for me, it still says no collision model.

          starting at 2:23 is footage of the original game

          Initiatly when i started making this in Maya i made the whole town around it because i wanted to have a backgroundview of it whenever you stand outside the temple.


            I found out today that i had a more recent file on my pc and i was amazed that i had a lot textured and that i build the inside of the houses.

            the file