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UT3 halo master chief collection !!!

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    Convenant are bonus, take your time. Will Forerunner/promethean stuff be converted too ?

    Those sound could help :


      f I have more or less the idea of the project and will have a lot of content, so I do not think add more because we is escaping the size of the mod as it will have a bit of everything halos it is a big mod that assure you is big.

      You can also contstruir forging their own generators choice.

      Thanks anyway but I already have my own data disk, move everything to UT3 is as multiplicar 4 DVDs in a mod. I try to optimize.
      the mod may occupy more or less about 9GB aprox

      Characters spartans ( 2gb )
      Characters covenant (500Mb )
      Character marins odst ( 340mb )
      Vehicles ( 340mb )
      Weapons stuff (450MB)


      Halo 3 Newmombasa odst ( 3GB )
      Halo 4 ( revine - bonanza - tower - warrap - hillshide - sniper rellly - cryptum - erosion . vahalla - courtyard) ( 800mb )
      Halo 3 ( guardian - shrine - basecamp - zanzbar - bunkerword) 250MB
      Halo 2 ( ascension - headlong - mombasa bridge - Coagulation ) 127MB
      Halo 1 ( deadisland aniversary ) 96Mb
      Reach ( Medium - instalation 04 - forgeisland - timberland - corrvette " space map planet" - sword base) 780MB
      That's is the program of my project, I will not focus on halo ce maps that already exist for other people and do not want to spend time on something that has already been created in UT3.

      I would like to add more parts but I think you reach with this will not give more mod already if it is large and then you can use the forge UPK to generate maps


        Yeah, good news !

        The volume in Giga is not a problem for me. My mods for UT3 add up already more 600 Giga and my computer has more than 36 Tera of storage capacity, I have many space.... ^_^.

        The problem for you will be to find a good way of upload/download.

        Many thanks.


          I do not know, the moment mediafire support me any time, later I will have to find a good server.
          Reach is one of my favorite halos can not miss on this project.


            have you tried ??


              mega begins to take downloads from 1gb. Do not know why or avizaron. I'm thinking of using 1fichier can download 1gb 4 simultaneous links and do not charge.
              I do not understand because mega acts this way.
              mega changes its policies and does not favor

              I have time to think but I'm still looking for options.


                9 GB is quite big for me :
                Did you cooked/published your files ? it would heavily reduce the size.
                The only negative is that we won't be able to edit your stuff.


                  The entire project weighs 9 GB.
                  It is not intended to edit all maps.
                  You can generate your starting forge 3GB Editable content.

                  Halo is a great game.
                  I know it's hard to keep gb few projects. but we are up to the fan made mod has its weight and does not contain much. I offer them something of good quality which can be used in many ways. it will be worth the weight and content.

                  much to do when you have time. I will explain how forging halo in UT3