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    Originally posted by OpolE View Post
    STRK because you are active and are presenting a big map pack. Please may I ask if you know of a map im looking for.

    Ok so last year I found a map. Warfare map

    Its a very long base in the sky. Id say about 1 mile long when you think about the size of your UT player.

    There are 2 bases on either end high in the sky and both team go down into the middle where the massive leviathan spawns when you connect the right amount of nodes. It would lag out an old PC its that big.

    The map is basically a long rectangle very thin for example '1000x50' and it works its way down like steps with gaps to the bottom.

    You can see the base at the other end, its all so open and epic

    I don't remember all maps, but I'll try to find it if I have one.


      You know what? I somehow have the feeling it could be a VCTF map. Wow wheres a main thread for those!? Im gonna keep on looking hard


        But you only get Leviathon in WARFARE mode don't ya?


          heres the real links for these


            Adware links replaced.


              Anyone know this map I'm on about yet? RHH


                New links?

                Originally posted by STRK View Post
                I'm interested in the pack as many posts of maps here on Epic are Dead. All links/images are gone, + I see unknown maps that I wanna try out.
                Recently got my server to work and am looking for custom Maps. But the links are all dead here too. Still have/can make/upload that pack?

                Originally posted by OpolE View Post
                Anyone know this map I'm on about yet? RHH
                Don't know if you've already found it, but could it be "WAR-Liandri Space Foundry (Racemap)"?
                I remember it had long small routes across space where you could fall off. Nothing around it, just plain tracks to cross with scorpion or manta. In center there was a path going down with a levi.
                It was a rectangle way, with the Cores on left and right side of map. I don't know if the 1000x50 applied here, didn't think so.
                Well, I thought it was quite a bold map, and the Cores were hard to hit (hidden in ground, could only be damaged by shooting from above in gap.
                The bots even never left their base on top... So I threw it away. But I could at least try xD
       (download dead)
       = newer version of it in another style, same idea...